Ambrosia Mini Rice Pots

Ambrosia Mini Rice Pots – a review

Considering I’m not the biggest fan of milk it’s a bit weird that I love rice pudding, but I do!  Except for the skin on the top when you make your own – no thanks to that!  As much as I like making a proper rice pudding in the oven , it does takes ages and sometimes I  just want a quick fix pudding for Monkey.  Luckily someone heard my plea and we received some Ambrosia Mini Rice Pots recently.

Ambrosia Mini Rice Pots

The Ambrosia Mini Rice Pots are supplied in 6 x 55g packs which have a long shelf life so they make an ideal ‘quick fix’ pudding.

Ambrosia Mini Rice Pots

They can be eaten cold or decanted into a bowl to be warmed through in the microwave. The mini pots contain calcium and vitamin D and no artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours or preservatives.  The rice pudding is creamy and just the consistency we all like here.

Monkey’s enjoyed his with fruit and as he doesn’t mind them cold, they were really handy to have in our picnic box over the summer.

Ambrosia Mini Rice Pots

The Ambrosia Mini Rice Pots are now available in all major retailers with a RRP of £1.49 per 6x55g pack.  They get the big thumbs up from us.

disclaimer:  we were sent this product in exchange for an honest review


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  1. sounds delicious! yumeee, hope to see them in supermarket so i can give them a try, not just for my wee one, but for me too! yum!

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