Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book

Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book – AD sent for review and giveaway

You may recall that my son was learning all about Ancient Egypt earlier in the year.  It’s one of my favourite periods in history and he’s also loved learning more about them too.  When I saw the newly published Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book from Button Books recently I knew he’d enjoy completing it over the summer holidays ahead.

Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book

The Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book is one in a series of books that mixes history with fun activities, aimed at children aged 4-8 years of age.

Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book

There are 100 different activities and games to complete throughout the book, which also includes 4 pages of stickers.

The activities include puzzles, colouring in, anagrams and codes as children learn more about Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book

My son has been fascinated by hieroglyphics for some time, as he’d seen photographs from my trip to Egypt from 1990.  At school, he learned to write his own name using the symbols from this ancient civilisation and it’s always fun to write messages in this kind of coded text.

Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book

You can even make your own hieroglyphic tablet, which is definitely an activity we’ll be completing in the holidays. Children can enjoy making decorated collars, a pharaoh’s beard and headbands as well as working their way through various maze challenges.

Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book

There’s lots to keep children entertained whilst they are learning with the Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book and you can learn more about the other books in the series on the Button Books website. I’ve included a link to my Amazon Affiliate page for this book (I do earn from qualifying purchases).

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book worth £6.99

122 thoughts on “Ancient Egypt Adventure Activity Book – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. Early to mid 20th century is my favourite period of history because by then, all usual home comforts were invented and in widespread use such as as central heating and TVs.

  2. I love the style of Victorian dress, but I don’t think I’d have liked to have to wear it all of the time, it wasn’t very comfortable!

  3. prehistoric time where it all started ,and how much of it is still being found today

  4. The Plantagenet times for me- such a turbulent and fascinating era, full of extraordinary people!

  5. I am really interested in WWII, especially the home front and even more so my local area during that time

  6. The Victorian Era , and the Industrial Revolution . So many incredible inventions , engineering feats, and scientific discoveries .

  7. I actually really love the Ancient Egypt period, I find the hieroglyphics really interesting

  8. The Agricultural Revolution (18th Centuary). As can recall some of it from school, and understood, and could see / perceive beneficial elements. Whereas we we also told of wars ( Russian Revolution, etc) in history class. I wasn’t interested in wars, as I was brought up, culture, and philosophy of Peace. Peace, Caring, Sharing, etc was also encouraged via religion / faith. British Christianity at the time.

    I would have liked the opportunity of Reliious Studies when at school. As had come across people within school (secondary) who were from families of different religions, I wanted to know and understand their background. As they were classmates. Integration, understanding, acceptance of others was what I believe I was seeking. Knowledge / Education may have helped.

    History :- Could be such a wide / broad topic. Unfortunately I did not see it’s relevance to life as a school child. History of Health, Art/s, Economics, Education, etc would have been more interesting and relevant to me personally. Hearing about conflict, war, etc only made me feel uncomfortable, and I switched off to history as a subject :- Unfortunately.

    History of Fashion may also have been an interesting aspect. Schooling has a lot to answer for. Just what is it’s aim :- I had thought it was to prepare us for working life / paid employment (working for a living). My family had been brought up with a strong work ethic. Nowadays it seems to be Wealth (finance, money, brand goods status symbols) which are sought / valued. Just who will provide Care, Compassion, Food, etc in the future :- Remains uncertain. Possibly Robots, as we have advanced dramatically in regards to technology.

  9. What’s your favourite period of history and why?
    pre-historic, ever since l read Clan of the Cave Bear, it is where it all began, it is amazing

  10. I love ancient Rome as they had some brilliant ideas way ahead of their time and seemed to enjoy a lot of wine

  11. Roman times, would love to see the architecture, I think their aquaducts alone would be a sight to behold

  12. The Victorian Era is fascinating because of all the advances in science, medecine, building and manufacturing. They were open to change and seemed to embrace their new world. Also there were so many great writers, poets and artists.

  13. Hello! I think my favourite period of history is probably the Egyptian times. I love all the tradition they had and I’d really like to know how they built the pyramids!

  14. My favourite was actually the egyptians. We did a project on them at school and I was fascinated

  15. I love the victorian era because there’s so much great literature from that time.

  16. WW2/1940’s are very interesting, but I struggle with the lack of equality between men and women in nearly every historic era, so maybe it’s because after the war it seems women got they’re real first chance.

  17. Elizabethan times as it looked like fun was colourful and not as brutal as previous times! Xx

  18. I love learning about the early middle ages, or what some call the dark ages, though we do know more now than we did when that name was coined! A fascinating period of history pre-dating the Norman conquest and its consequences xx

  19. For me its the Tudor period. I find it facinating, the differences in life in general to now.

  20. I love reading about voyages during the Elizabethan era. It makes you think about how ‘small’ the world was back then and how lucky we are to reach the other side of the world in a day!

  21. The Romans, love seeing the craftsmanship and all the advances they brought, roads & plumbing.

  22. I love the WWI and WWII period I love the community spirit they had back then. They enjoyed them selves were happy with what they had unlike people today

  23. Definitely the Egyptians too – I was fascinated with all the Gods they had and loved being able to write my name in hieroglyphs! My eldest has been learning about them this year, too.

  24. The Victorian era, I found it so fascinating to learn about when we learnt it at school

  25. WW2 era. Absolutely fascinated by why the Nazi’s did what they did and how strong and resourceful civilians were.

  26. I like the period of the English Civil War particularly how it affected everyday people.

  27. I’ve always loved Ancient Egypt. I used to have a real papyrus with heiroglyphs on my wall growing up and I collected artifacts/replicas to decorate my room

  28. History was my favourite subject at school and my main course at teacher training college. It has always fascinated me and its hard to pick a favourite era as such but I am very interested and appalled in equal measures by both World Wars.

  29. Ancient Greece……it’s such a fascinating period rich in culture, philosophy, literature, and each city state has their own specific character to learn about.

  30. I love the Roman times, their traditions and morals are similar to the way my nan lived, and their basics were good.

  31. The Renaissance Period because of the most beautiful clothing from that time. In fact, my wedding dress was based on the Renaissance dress!

  32. It would the 60’s because of all the cool clothes and the Moon Landing happened, also the England Won the World Cup.

  33. This is a tough one. When a child, I wanted to be an archaeologist as I loved Ancient history. I am still fascinated with Ancient Egypt, Medieval, and the Stone Age. As a teacher, I love teaching The ancient Egyptians but also the Mayans.

  34. I love the time that the Romans were in Britain. I think it’s because I used to visit Chester a lot for work and I often saw one of the guides dressed as a Roman soldier, entertaining the school children on a day visit to the Roman ruins.

  35. The Neo-Assyrian era. I fell in love with the era during my degree and did my dissertation on it!

  36. Actually it’s the Egyptian period. I’d love to know how they actually made the pyramids

  37. I really love the Ancient Egyptian time – it was one of the first things that really got me into history and my Goddaughter shares that love, so this would be fantastic to share with her. I also really love the 1920’s, the style, the glamour, everything!

  38. I’m a fan of the 1920s. I love the clothes and the fact that there was no technology to distract and they all seemed to have fun.

  39. I love the Ancient Greeks. They had so many inventions that are still used today, medicines, tools etc.

  40. Victorian era . I remember doing it at school and being fascinated with how gruesome it was at times and how people dressed, lived

  41. The 1920s – Glamorous outfits and lifestyles (as long as you were wealthy) Loved The Great Gatsby

  42. The Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. periods when all the dinosaurs lived. Would be interesting to see what they all actually looked like and how they behaved.

  43. It has to be Ancient Egypt. I have spent an awful lot of time visiting, working and living in Egypt and have seen some amazing things there. It is fascinating to see just what they achieved such a long time ago.

  44. I love the Victorian era, especially the beautifully ornate dresses that the ladies use to wear, I’d love to wear them nowadays x

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