Animals of the World – AD sent for review

disclosure: we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

At a time when we all have children at home rather than at school, it’s important to find fun things to do that also provide educational content.  We recently received the newly released Tactic Games Animals of the World game, and it’s given my son and I some light relief over the last week.

Animals of the World

Animals of the World is a game aimed at players aged eight years of age and over and can be played by two-six players.  Playtime typically lasts for around thirty minutes.

The card game comes with two hundred double-sided playing cards, six continent cards, a world map and instruction leaflet.

Animals of the World

You may recall we previously reviewed Flags of the World and Wonders of the World, well,  Animals of the World follows the same idea of play, in this instance trying to be the player who matches the most animals to the correct continents.

Animals of the World

Each player has their own continent board and the animal cards are shuffled, depending on the number of players there will be between forty and sixty cards used for the question deck.  As we’ve been playing the two-player game of Animals of the World we’ve used forty cards.

Animals of the World

The remaining cards are placed in a second pile, also photo side up, and these make up the scoring deck. Four cards are dealt to each player and placed on the slots on their continent board as you can see above.

The player to the left of the dealer starts the game by picking one of the animal cards that have been dealt onto the continent boards of the other players. Even if none of the animals are known, the player still needs to pick one.  The owner of the card then asks the player the question on the back of that card.

If the player guesses incorrectly, the animal card is placed on the bottom of the question deck. If they answer correctly they win the card and then need to try to work out the correct continent that the animal lives on.  They also win another animal card from the top of the scoring deck which they can try to place correctly against the correct continent.

Animals of the World

There are animals that live on a number of continents, and you only need to guess one correctly.

To start a new round of Animals of the World you place a new animal card on the empty space on the continent board and play passes to the next player.

Animals of the World

Older players can try to name the animals by their scientific names, which is well beyond our knowledge levels!

We’ve also picked out a few cards and just quizzed each other on the questions or on where the animals can be found, when we’ve needed a few minutes light relief from set school work, over the last week.

Animals of the World has been another hit here and when life returns to normal we hope to offer a game for you to win.  But in the meantime, if you are looking for a fun, family game which is also educational then you can find Animals of the World at The Happy Puzzle Company.  (As long as they continue to fulfil orders during this challenging time).

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