Anisnap Watches

Anisnap Watches – a first watch for Monkey

Anisnap Watches

Back in February I visited Spring Fair at the NEC in Birmingham.  One range that really caught my eye was the Anisnap Watches from Aniworld.  They offer fun, animal themed watches specifically for children aged 3 years and over.  I was thrilled when they recently asked if Monkey would like to try one of the watches from their range.

Anisnap Watches

There are all sorts of animal faces in the Anisnap Watches range, even dinosaurs, but really there could only be one option for my son couldn’t there! Yep Monkey’s first watch had to be a Monkey.


Monkey’s been fascinated with the time for a while now and I’ve searched high and low for a watch that would fit him.  Of course, all the ones with conventional straps are just way too big for a nearly 5 year old’s wrist.

The Anisnap Watches come with silicon bands rather than the normal straps, which are much easier for younger children to wear.

Anisnap Watches

The child puts the band over their wrist and it snaps into place according to the size of your child’s wrist.  In fact, I have really small wrists and I can wear this watch too.

Anisnap Watches

It’s been a big hit with my Monkey, he loves the fact that he can put the watch on himself and we have to compare the time on his watch with mine, and with the kitchen clock.  He just loves it.

Anisnap Watches

I was a little concerned that the watch might fall off easily, but so far so good.  He doesn’t wear it to school (I’m not even sure if watches are allowed tbh) but as soon as he’s home and changed, the watch is in place.

The actual face of the watch can be removed from the animal surround when the battery needs changing and the hands glow in the dark.

The Anisnap Watches retail for £10.00 and a list of stockists can be found on the Aniworld website.  If you like the look of the watches, there are also wall clocks for some of the range too.

Monkey loves his new watch, and his Mummy is rather pleased with it too.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

12 thoughts on “Anisnap Watches – a first watch for Monkey

  1. I think N needs one of these. He’s currently using a ‘beach safety’ snap and pretending it’s a watch. He’s obsessed, so I had a watch down for his Christmas present. But a snap would be much more practical

  2. Now I like the look of this. I agree about the watch straps of conventional watches being too big and I’m not terribly keen on many of the watches I see on the high street that are aimed at children. But this looks ideal.

  3. This looks fantastic, I love how easy it is for children to put on themselves, and it’s not too babyish. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. We don’t have an anisnap watch, but we have a watch that has the same snap around wrist feature. It’s great for popping on and off without having to worry about undoing the buckle etc.

  5. My 2 bous have about 4 kids watches between them (all received as presents) and they almost never bother wearing them. Wonder if they would be more interested in one like this that is simple to put on #Triedtested

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