Apricot – Fashion for all

Apricot – Fashion for all

I’m 47, it’s a fact I can’t get away from.  The face that looks back at me in the mirror doesn’t lie.  I’ve always loved clothes and whilst I’ve never considered myself a trend setter or someone who needs ‘that’ label, I’d hate to be thought of as frumpy.  God forbid.  Apricot is a clothing brand I really enjoy wearing, and I know a number of my younger friends like their range too.   Their styles suit all ages, shapes and sizes and I was thrilled to be able to sample some of their latest lines.

I love tunic style dresses and tops, they are so easy to wear with jeans or leggings.  They can be dressed up or down, they really are versatile.  As soon as I spotted the Black and Red Roses Print Cowl Neck Tunic Dress I knew it was for me.

Apricot - Fashion for all

I love everything about this dress, the colours and poppy pattern, the flattering cowl neckline and it’s lovely and warm too.  You might have spotted me wearing this on my Instagram feed, in fact I’ve worn this dress a few times since it popped through my letterbox.  Priced at £26.00 it’s an absolute bargain in my eyes.

Next up is something a little different for me, yes it may be in my ‘signature’ blue but it’s more of a blouse than I would normally wear.  I thought I’d take a gamble and have a change, and I quite like my Blue Dip Hem Side Split Blouse.

Apricot - Fashion for all

This was only £5.00 in the Apricot sale, so an even bigger bargain.  It’s the kind of top you can wear all year round, adding layers in the winter, or just wearing with leggings and flip-flops in the summer.  I’m not so keen on the length of the sleeve if I’m totally honest, I’d prefer a bit shorter or a bit longer. But otherwise I’m loving my mega bargain buy.

My final selection saw me returning to my tunic dress favourite style.  I love blue, as you all well know, but the shade of Teal is definitely creeping up my ‘favourite shades of blue’ list.

Apricot - Fashion for all

The Teal and Grey Floral Border Tunic Dress is probably my favourite of the three outfits. I love everything about this, the scoop neckline is my ‘go to’ style, I see to be embracing patterns and florals this year – who would ever have thought?  Just goes to show, you can treat an old cat a new trick!  Priced at £24.00 this  is another bargain that I can see me wearing all year round.

All of the garments wash well and hold their shape.

I love Apricot styling and if you have a moment I’d certainly recommend visiting their website, they have a store locator there too.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items shown in exchange for an honest review.

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5 thoughts on “Apricot – Fashion for all

  1. This isn’t a brand I’ve come across before, but at those prices I wish I had!
    I think the red poppy dress is lovely and really suits you, I’m also a big fan of cowl necks – I think there’s something of the 50s elegance about them!
    Thnx for introducing me to something new today, too!

  2. I absolutely LOVE Apricot clothing and the fact that it doesn’t break the bank either. Love that last tunic dress, it really suits you.

  3. They all look lovely on you and I actually really like the blouse. I’ve never had any clothes from Apricot – off to look at their site now x

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