Aqua Ears – a review

Aqua Ears – a review

As you all know Monkey is currently having swimming lessons.  As with everything, he is very tentative and has his own schedule.  I don’t think I have an Olympic swimmer on my hands, but he does enjoy being in the water.  I did notice that he hesitates when asked to go on his back.  As I’m learning to swim myself I’m all too well aware of the weird sensation of getting water in your ears.  Not too pleasant for anyone, least of all a 4 year old, trying to learn backstroke!  So I was thrilled to hear about Aqua Ears – soft silicon ear plugs which are ideal to use for swimming.

Aqua Ears

Aqua Ears are being launched by Cirrus Healthcare in larger Boots stores across the country this month and will be available in the Finding Nemo theme as we received, as well as Spongebob Squarepants, Mickey Mouse, Cars, Hello Kitty and Princess Ariel.

In each pack you receive 3 reuseable pairs of the Aqua Ears, which are supplied in a handy waterproof plastic carry case – great for trips to the pool or beach.  The packs cost £ 4.99.

Aqua Ears

The Aqua Ear plugs are made of silicone, but they don’t feel like the silicone I remember from my days in the plastics industry.  These feel like putty, and are pliable.  Monkey loves Nemo so I was interested to see if I could get him to wear them.

Aqua Ears

Aqua Ears use the same technology as BioEars™, which is one of the best selling products from the world’s leading innovators in ear care, Cirrus Healthcare. BioEars™ are the only earplugs which use ACTIValoe™a powerful anti-microbial agent, which keeps the earplugs free from the bacteria that can lead to degradation in ordinary earplugs, thus ensuring that the ear canal remains fully protected. The earplugs are easily moulded to the shape of your ear providing a comfortable airtight seal, resulting in your ears being protected from water penetration and harsh noise.

You don’t need to push the Aqua Ears right into the ear canal like you do with other types of foam ear plugs, these fit over the ear canal.  Just ensure your child’s ears are clean and dry before placing the Aqua Ears over the ear opening.  I was a bit dubious as to whether they would actually stay in or not.  But they do.

Aqua Ears

I’ve not been able to persuade Monkey to try the Aqua Ears for his swimming lessons yet, but he did try them this week when we went for a family swim.  They stayed in, he was happier to be on his back and they kept the water out.  Hopefully when he has his lesson next week, he’ll realise that swimming with Aqua Ears is a better option for him!

I think they are a great idea personally, and having a child who is sensitive to noise too, the Aqua Ears will be great to take to air shows etc rather than his bulky ear defenders.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.

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3 thoughts on “Aqua Ears – a review

  1. They look like a great idea and fab that they don’t need to be pushed into the ears either, always a worry on children x

  2. I have to say these might help me! I can’t stand getting water in my ears, the sensation is horrible.

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