Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops

Science & Play: Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops – Review and Giveaway

As you all know we have a massive dinosaur fan here.  When we visited Charmouth in the summer monkey got to see fossils up close as well as the Charmouth Dinosaur.  He was fascinated with the idea of digging up dinosaur fossils.  Knowing of his new-found addiction the lovely people at Clementoni sent us the Science & Play set Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops so we could try our hand at paleontology!

Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops

The Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops is aimed at children slightly older than Monkey but we knew we could have some fun with this set.  It was time to get digging.

This is the ideal gift for dinosaur fans, they can dig, discover and then assemble an amazing replica skeleton.

The Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops set comes with two dinosaur sets to be uncovered, some fact cards and tools to help in the excavations.

Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops

Monkey was eager to get started with the digging, I was interested to see how a nearly 5-year-old would get on.  I knew he would need supervision obviously, but could he do any of the digging for himself?

Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops

The instruction manual that comes with the set advises placing the excavation brick on a tray with newspaper underneath.  It does get quite messy, we made use of a box lid which was great as it was high sided and kept the ‘rock’ in one place as we hammered away.

Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops

Monkey decided that we would excavate the T-Rex first, no surprise there.  Both sets have a clear motif so it’s easy to identify which dinosaur you are trying to find.  The block of ‘rock’ is made of chalk, pumice and sand.

My little dinosaur fan got straight to it once I’d explained how to use the hammer and chisel together.

Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops

It was a bit of luck but he struck ‘gold’ quite quickly.  Look Mummy! It’s a bone!  He hammered away and we could see more and more bone.  It was so wonderful to see his little face, he was so excited.

Now I’d be lying if I said he excavated the whole dinosaur by himself.  It wasn’t all as easy as the start, and I think a 7-8 year old would need some help too with this dig.  But it’s the sort of activity that you can leave and come back to over a period of hours or days.  It doesn’t have to be an instant win; which is something I really like about it.  Did Monkey get frustrated, no, not at all.  He did some digging, I did some, we went away, did something else and came back to it over the course of a day.  The excitement level didn’t ebb though.  He wanted to see what we would uncover.

When we’d finished our excavations I washed the dinosaur bones and we constructed our T-Rex.  I did have to do this myself – not that Monkey couldn’t have put the bones together, he could.  But some of the joint connectors were really tight, in fact I had to get Daddy P to push both sides of the skull together for us.  It’s made of strong plastic and Monkey is so pleased with the finish result.

Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops

We’ll be getting our hammer and chisel out again after our holiday so we can excavate the Triceratops. As I’ve mentioned, Monkey is below the age mentioned for this set, but a 5-year-old under supervision is clearly still able to have a lot of fun and learn through this activity.

The Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops set is priced at £14.99, which I think is great value considering you get two sets, and have something to keep at the end of your hard work.  The sets are available from, Hobbycraft and Debenhams.

disclaimer:  we were sent this set in exchange for an honest review.


Now with Christmas drawing ever closer, we thought it would be a great idea to offer one lucky reader the chance to do some digging of their own.  If you’d like to win the Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops  set then complete the Gleam form below – good luck!


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Science & Play Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops worth £14.99

235 thoughts on “Science & Play: Archeofun T-Rex & Triceratops – Review and Giveaway

  1. The Liopleurodon, because it was the mightiest aquatic predator of all time that takes no prisons and eats whatever the hell it wants 🙂

  2. I said terradactyl as that’s what we call our little man when he makes excited noises!
    My nephew wants to be a palaeontologist when he’s older, this would be a great Xmas pressie for him. X

  3. Stegoceras Sheep because it looks like it’s wearing a hat and I think it’s cuter than other dinosaurs!

  4. The Dinosaurs that they first see in Jurassic Park (Diplodocus?), that film shot of them walking across the plain is still amazing 🙂

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  6. Brontosaurus because even though it’s so huge I wouldn’t be scared of it as it’s a plant eater 🙂 (my son said that)

  7. I love the T-Rex because he is big and scary and I love watching them in Jurassic Park, the film wouldn’t be the same without the good old T-Rex x

  8. T Rex, because someone once said to me, if you’re having a bad day always imagina T Rex trying to make a bed with his little arms

  9. Parasaurolophus is my favourite dinosaur because our Son has a keen interest in this dinosaur. He’s read lots of information about Parasaurolophus and even has a teddy he calls Para.

  10. T-Rex – because he is the biggest and the baddest! When he roars, and shows his claws, all the other dinos flee!

  11. T-Rex is the only name that comes to mind, but ask my grandson who is only 3, he can name most dinosaurs and has a great collection.

  12. My son is the expert on matter of all things dinosaur and he says that his favouriteis the T-rex… because they eat meat, run fast and are scary!!!!

  13. Diplodocus- because as a young child my Archeologist Uncle Ken taught me how to pronounce it properly and I spent lots of time feeling very superior!

  14. My grandson’s favourite is a triceratops, no idea why, but he is dinosaur mad and can name loads of different dinosaurs and is most definite that triceratops is favourite

  15. Diplodocus because my two little boys love him 🙂 they would love this for Xmas! Iv never seen one before 🙂 x

  16. We love the T-Rex, simply because we’re not sure how he was a predator with those teeny-weeny arms!!

  17. we like triceratops best, the name feels fun to say and we love the look of the big beast, with beautiful horns, we really like this gentle giant.

  18. A Tyrannosaurus Rex, mainly because it makes me giggle thinking of such a fearsome predator with such little arms :p

  19. My little boy’s is Douthinkshesaurus 😉 Mine is the Stegosaurus …SLOW AND PLODDING…just like my laptop!

  20. T-Rex dinosaur because it is hard to forget this dinosaur as compared to the others always forget there names

  21. It has got to be a T-Rex – it’s tall and mighty – a bit like me – although I don’t eat people 🙂

  22. Pacyaransauraus not sure how to spell but its my daughter favourite after watching walking with dinosaurs

  23. T-Rex, he’s the king of the dinosaurs.
    According to my 2 year olds talking toy dinosaur called Boris 😉

  24. Diplodocus i had a huge plastic on when i was a kid and i took it everywhere with me, i dont remember why i was so attached but i was, they are the best.

    its probably because they are quite gentle & not blood thirsty with huge teeth..

  25. Gigantoraptor, it is believed that they had feathers on their arms and also a colourful head for displaying.

  26. Raptor (Velociraptor) I have loved them since I saw Jurassic Park. They are the cheeky chappy of the dinosaur world.

  27. I love the discovery of the Titanosaur – the biggest dinosaur ever found. The found a thigh bone and discovered it was around 130ft long and 65ft tall!!!!!!

  28. my son has been dinosaur crazy since 18months he is 5 now 6 just b4 xmas he wore out all 3 Jurassic park films he knows so much about dinosaurs infact he teaches me lol

  29. Triceratops they are just so unique looking and although vegetarian were capable of looking after themselves 🙂

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