Argos My Christmas Wishlist App

Argos My Christmas Wishlist App

Monkey will be 5 in December and he’s starting to get a bit more vocal in his wishes when it comes to presents for his birthday and Christmas.  Gone are the days of Mummy deciding exactly what Monkey wants!  So it’s time to hand over the reins and the Argos My Christmas Wishlist App has come into its own.

The Argos My Christmas Wishlist App is free to install and you can set up parental controls, but it gives children the ‘power’ to create their own present wish list from the site and then to email that list to friends and family.  It’s aimed for children aged 3-7 years of age, so perfect for a very nearly 5 year old Monkey to test.  The app is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Argos My Christmas Wishlist App

In settings you set up the email address that you want to receive the wish list, the maximum price per item and the number of items that can be included.

You can turn music on or off (I found it annoying so switched it off before Monkey got his hands on my phone!).  There are also sound effects – I left that on as I knew Monkey would like them.

It was then time for Monkey to take control.  Eek, being a bit of a control freak, this doesn’t come naturally to me.  I was also slightly concerned as pretty much all of his birthday and Christmas presents have been purchased by family and friends.

Argos My Christmas Wishlist App

Monkey’s first task was to select a monster Helper to help his complete his wish list.  He picked Stik – a lovely friendly, blue monster.  He then took a photo of himself and added his name.  Then he was straight into the Argos Wish List app and the various toy categories.

Argos My Christmas Wishlist App

One thing I think could be improved with the app – it would be great if you could select age range in settings.  For example, Monkey spotted the Lego ranges, but as there was no way of filtering on age, he was happily selecting sets which were beyond his nearly 5 year old capabilities.  This can only lead to frustration and disappointment when a child doesn’t get what they want! This puzzled me considering the app is aimed at children aged 7 years and below.

We’ve also found that the app can be slow to upload images of items within a brand category once Monkey moved from one category to another. He’s quite young and loved the idea of zooming from one section to another, but the app couldn’t keep up with him.  Maybe it’s an issue with it being on my iPhone?  I’m not sure.  He liked playing peek-a-boo with the monsters though.

Argos My Christmas Wishlist App

But other than that, Monkey loves the Argos My Christmas Wishlist app.  He could pick his items, if he reached his limit (he didn’t realise that I’d set one!) he could remove an item and add something else if he wanted.

When his selection was completed he could add numbered stars to his favourites so the wish list recipient could see which ones he REALLY wanted the most!  he could write on the list too.

Then a click on the envelope icon and the wish list zoomed on its way to its recipient – in this case me.  The email arrived within seconds.  The wish List arrives with a picture of Monkey, images of his selections and starred numbered.  Below that you find the list of ‘starred items’ that he really loved, and below that the other items he’d selected on the wish list.  Click on the relevant item and you get taken straight to the relevant item on the Argos website.  Easy!

Argos My Christmas Wishlist App

You can see here exactly how easy it is to use the Argos My Christmas Wishlist App:

disclaimer:  we received a set of childrens Skull Candy headphones and a toy in exchange for our honest review of this app



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