Aveeno The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie

Aveeno The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie #AveenoUK

Back in the summer I met up with the Aveeno team at BritMums Live and they mentioned that they’d be launching their first children’s book later in the year.  Well, the warm sunny days are definitely behind us now, but we had a lovely delivery lately which cheered us up. Welcome to Aveeno The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie.

Aveeno The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie

Aveeno specialise in creams, lotions and oils  containing naturally active Colloidal Oatmeal. They are formulated for dry and sensitive skin and are great for suffers of Eczema.

I’ve been using the Aveeno Cream on my hands for a few weeks now.  The skin on my hands tends to get rather dry these days, old age? who knows!!  But the cream has worked wonders at moisturising them.

I’m very lucky that Monkey doesn’t have particularly sensitive skin, but I always try to use mild lotions and potions to ensure his skin it well protected.  We do have friends who have children with Eczema so Monkey’s aware that some people really do need special creams to help their skin.

Aveeno decided to create a series of books to help families deal with the issues of protecting sensitive skin, but in a fun way for children.  They teamed up with children’s author Penelope Harper and the Aveeno The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie was born.

In the first book in the series, Bye Bye Dry Skin!, we are introduced to Ellie and her pet Gecko Eddie.  Both suffer from sensitive skin.  We follow them on their adventures and see what things they need to avoid to look after their skin both during the day and at bathtime.

Aveeno The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie

The book is written in such a way that younger children can ask questions and learn about looking after their skin.  Monkey has learnt a few things that his friends need to be careful about and as a fun way of dealing with this issue, I think it works well.

The Aveeno The Dry-ventures of Ellie and Eddie series can be downloaded from their website and the first book, Bye Bye Dry Skin is available now for free.

Aveeno supply a range of products which are recommended for children (suitable from babies 3 months+) with dry skin – AVEENO® Cream – Moisturising Cream, AVEENO® Bath & Shower Oil and AVEENO® Lotion.  We’ve been using the Bath & Shower Oil and it leaves your skin feeling really hydrated.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items shown in exchange for an honest review.

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