Awakening of Spies

Awakening of Spies – AD sent for review

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I do like a good thriller, so when I was asked to take part in the blog tour for the latest Brian Landers novel, Awakening of Spies, I was happy to oblige.  Published through RedDoor Press last month, this is the first in the Dylan series of books.

Awakening of Spies

In Awakening of Spies, we meet Thomas Dylan, who has joined the Ministry of Defence after failing to get selected by MI6.  As a member of the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) he believes he’ll be desk-bound but it isn’t long before he’s launched into the world of espionage when he ends up in the field on a mission in Zandvoort that goes disastrously wrong. He ends up fighting for his life and killing an enemy agent in the process, and the mission moves from Europe to North America. But when he then loses a vital piece of equipment he believes his spying days are over.

No one is more surprised than Dylan when he’s sent off to Brazil to try to recover the submarine interrogator that has been stolen from the US Navy, that was taken from his possession not long before. He’s told that his knowledge of Portuguese makes him invaluable to the case.

There’s to be an auction of the interrogator and the British are up against the Americans and Russians in the bidding war.  Dylan soon realises that MI6 and the CIA have their own agenda’s and he’s really not sure of who he can trust.  Julia French, an agent he met recently is brought in to assist him in Rio.  Can he trust her or not?  He has no choice really but to hope she’s on his side after an attempt on his life sees a CIA agent being blown up in Dylan’s hotel bathroom.

There are lots of twists and turns in Awakening of Spies, with a compelling storyline, you soon get sucked into the action. If you like thrillers, you will thoroughly enjoy this gripping spy novel, and the ending leads you in nicely to the second book in the series, which is published later this year.

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Awakening of Spies

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