Awesome Little Green Men

Awesome Little Green Men

Help! We’ve recently been invaded by Awesome Little Green Men!  Oh stop, they aren’t aliens, it might just be ok.  In fact these area new range from MGA Entertainment of collectibles which combine the fun of blind boxes with battle play.

Awesome Little Green Men

In Series 1 of the Awesome Little Green Men there are Battle Packs and Blind Boxes to collect to build up a collection of Blue Army and Green Army characters.  There are 51 different characters to collect in each Army and some are very rare.

Awesome Little Green Men

Each one of the Awesome Little Green Men has his own name and character, comes with a Dog Tag and depending on their rank, will offer different points for the game play.  The Blind boxes also comes with a new
recruits poster and game guide and are priced at £3.99.

Each Army has different units, such as Ranger, Sneak Attack, Special Forces and Close Combat Team.  Maybe you will collect Sgt Major Bravery or Sgt Pow (proving that girls can join the Army too) or Private Pounds.  My son’s favourite so far is Corporal Bushwacker.

In the Awesome Little Green Men Battle Deluxe Packs you receive 8 soldiers in total (2 of which are in blind boxes) 8 dog tags on 1 chain, new recruits poster and Game Guide instructions and props, stickers and Stats listing.  These are priced at £24.99. Three of the Awesome Little Green Men in these packs will be with vehicles.

The dog tag chains do unclip but you can’t put all your tags on one chain, which mystified my son when he opened the Battle Pack and there were 8 on one chain, he wanted to add the others he’d got, to keep them all together.  Which seemed like a sensible idea to me, but it’s not possible.  I’d change that aspect of these toys if I could.

You can also buy an Awesome Little Green Men Starter Pack  for £12.99 which contains 4 soldiers (1 in a vehicle), 4 dog-tags, a new recruits poster and game guide.

You could just collect the Awesome Little Green Men and display them, play with the independently, or follow the Game Guide for some tactical warfare.

Each soldier has an Attack Strength ranging from 1 to 6, and these can be found on the base of each player, or on their vehicle. These scores also relate to their ranks, so a General will have an Attack Strength of 6 whilst a Private has an Attack Strength of 1. Then you need to know about Hit Points, which are again different depending on rank.

Awesome Little Green Men

The idea of the game is to attack your enemy and seize their prized possession, which can be anything really, we just used fruit.  You use March Sliders to advance your soldiers and Attack sliders to try to take the opposition soldiers out of action.  In both instances you stick the stickers to coins so you can flick them with your fingers easily.

Full game play is explained in the Game Guide, but it wasn’t long before my son ditched that and made it up as he went along.  W soon had all sorts of battles going on and he was having some great fun with his Awesome Little Green Men.  He’s never really been into collectibles like most of his friends but he’s had lots of fun with these figures, so maybe times are changing.

The Awesome Little Green Men are available to buy in Tesco, Smyths, Toys R Us and Amazon.  You can find out more about the series and the Battle Game on the Awesome Little Green Men website.  There’s also an Awesome Little Green Men PopJam page with the username @LittleGreenMen if you fancy looking at that too.

disclosure:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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