Back to the Sea

Back to the Sea – DVD review and giveaway

Monkey loves anything to do with the sea so I knew we’d be on to a winner when we received a copy of Back to the Sea recently.

Back to the Sea

Back to the Sea was released on 7th July through Lionsgate Home Entertainment and tells the story of a flying fish called Kevin, who gets netted in New York harbour.  He ends up in a fish tank, which might have been ok, but it’s a tank in a Chinese restaurant. The fish are not there to look pretty!

The film lasts for just over an hour and half, it is a bit slow to start with, but once we got into it we both enjoyed Back to the Sea.  Kevin is a dreamer, he got caught when he was trying to find his way to Barbados, the family’s ancestral homeland.  He arrives in the fish tank at the Chinatown restaurant and is the only fish there who realises that this is a one way ticket.  The other fish believe that when they become the ‘special of the day’ they get to become human and leave.

We follow Kevin as he builds a friendship with the young boy in the restaurant, as he dreams of escaping the tank and returning to his family’s homeland in Barbados.  There is also another story running along side Kevin’s attempt to gain freedom.  His family owned a valuable pearl that was stolen when Kevin was caught.  By some fluke Kevin and the pearl end up in the same fish tank, but not reunited.  The evil thief tries all manner of things to get to the pearl.

Back to the Sea is a film for young children, it’s not a classic, but it’s watchable and a 4 and half year Monkey enjoyed it. Did Kevin gain his freedom?  You know I never spoil the ending, but I can offer you the chance to win the DVD for yourself.  Just complete the form below for your chance to win the One copy of Back to the Sea I have to offer – good luck.

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disclaimer:  we were sent this DVD in exchange for an honest review


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Back to the Sea DVD

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  1. I’d be a shark, simply because many, many years ago when I went on a music tour of Holland with my local county band we sang the whole of West Side Story on the bus, and I was a Shark!

  2. I’d be a sea horse, I think they are the most beautiful of sea creatures – AND the men get to carry the babies – oh yeah!

    Is it wrong that I want this DVD for me? I love Christian Slater and mainly for his voice!! 😉

  3. I would be a flounder so I could laze around on the bottom of the sea bed and watch all the beautiful sea life pass by

  4. I would be a little Tetra fish, I love their colours when the light catches them and I would be small enough to hide from the big fish

  5. An Angel Fish. They are so pretty and delicate looking and they swim around in an elegant way compared to some fish which dash about.

  6. Aw, I was going to say a porpoise because they’re so cute but I just realised they are mammals, not fish 🙁 Sooo, in that case I would be a basking shark so I could live in nice, warm water!

  7. I would be a psychedelic frogfish, because they look cool and bounce about on the ocean floor like a beach ball caught in the wind.

  8. a clown fish has many colours,
    to dazzle in the sea,
    i would love to be this fish
    as all the other fish could count on me

  9. I would be a dolphin – I was lucky enough to swim with them last year and they are such wonderful creatures.

  10. ID BE A MANATEE, A GENTLE GIANT X think my post is having trouble submitting, soorry if its multiple, im not trying to cheat

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