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Bake at Home Kits – a review and giveaway

When I visited the Spring Fair back in February I came across a company supplying just my kind of product.  Bake at Home Kits supply Artisan Baking Kits and Luxury Baking Mixes. I was struck by the simply packaging and love anything that introduces children to baking.  I was really thrilled when Bake at Home Kits asked Monkey and I to try out a couple of their kits.

Bake at Home Kits

Our range of easy to follow Artisan Bake at Home Kits and Luxury Baking Mixes are handmade use only the finest of ingredients.

We received the Artisan Seeded Flowerpot Bread Making Kit and the Safari Cookie Baking Mix to test out.  The first thing you notice, totally recyclable packaging; love it.

Bake at Home Kits Bake at Home Kits

As Monkey and I were off to Whipsnade Zoo soon we decided to start with the Safari Cookie Baking Mix, which comes complete with a Giraffe shaped cookie cutter.

The instructions to make the cookies are on the back of the mix pack; and you only need to add butter and an egg to make the cookies. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Bake at Home Kits Bake at Home Kits

I was left in charge of rolling out the cookie mixture and then Monkey used the cutter to make his giraffes. The pack states there is enough mixture to make 6-8 Giraffe shaped cookies, we managed to make and still have mixture over to make some stars.

Bake at Home Kits Bake at Home Kits

Bake at Home Kits

We popped the cookies in the oven for 15 minutes and waited. Now I have to be honest, I’m now known for my biscuit making abilities, my nieces still laugh about the disastrous Easter chick cookies I tried to make with them when they were little.

Bake at Home Kits Bake at Home Kits

I was hoping that my jinx was over, I was wrong.  I’m not sure what we I did wrong, but the cookies had all spread out of shape, bar one.  Any ideas?  Guidance would be much appreciated.

Bake at Home Kits Bake at Home Kits

Now, shape aside, the Safari Cookies tasted totally delicious; neither Monkey or Daddy P seemed too bothered about the change in shape.  They really were scrummy and didn’t last long at all.

Next we were to make the Artisan Seeded Flowerpot Bread – a first for me.  You may remember that we made Hot Cross Buns for the first time at Easter.  Now bread!  Well, I vaguely remember attempted bread in Home Economics a million years ago, but in the real world I’ve never tried to make bread by myself.


Monkey decided to leave Mummy to it for this one.  I’ll watch you Mummy! Everything you need is included in the Bread making kit; just add warm water and olive oil. An Instruction Sheet gives clear guidance and away I went.

Although Monkey was quite happy to let me do all of the work, he enjoyed watching the bread dough rising;we talked about yeast.  He was impressed.  But not as impressed as he was by the finished product!  The bread was (it didn’t last long) devine.


I was so pleased with the result. An added bonus is the flower pots.  I may let Monkey loose with his paint brushes and plant herbs in them.  Or we may make more bread in them.  We shall see.

Now for those of you with allergies, Bake At Home Kits also supply Gluten Free and Dairy Free Artisan Bake at Home Kits and Luxury Baking Mixes.

You can find out more about the different kits and mixes available on the website.

disclaimer:  we were sent these products in exchange for an honest review.


Fancy trying these Bake at Home Kits for yourself?  Well I can offer one winner both of the kits we’ve reviewed 🙂  Just complete the form below – good luck!


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253 thoughts on “Bake at Home Kits – a review and giveaway

  1. My favourite thing to bake is cookies as you can change the recipe to make all different varieties and cater for all different dietary requirements 🙂

  2. My Favourite Thing To Bake Is Cupcakes Because There Are So Many Different Flavours You Can Turn Them Into

  3. I love baking cakes because I can show off my artistic talents when it comes to decorating them! I was really proud of the Christmas cake I made and decorated last Christmas – I created a snow scene with Father Christmas, Christmas trees, reindeer, elves etc and even did little foot print and sleigh marks in the snow!! The only thing is – I hate having to cut into my creations! sorry for duplicate posts – the page kept freezing!

  4. Homemade pizza every Saturday without fail with my children, love it!! Can’t eat pizza out, it’s just not as good lol

  5. My favourite thing at the moment is ciabatta – I started with a supermarket packet mix, then realized I could probably do it better myself. Experimented a bit and then got hooked!

  6. love making rhubarb or apple crumbles or sponges – using fruit fresh from the garden

  7. cheesecake – because baked cheesecake is always failsafe.

    Or banana chocolate loaf. Great way of using up old bananas

  8. cakes especially chocolate cakes brownies biscuit anything chocolate and lots of messy fun with the grandkids not to mention the yummy results to eat after!

  9. I like baking cupcakes because they’re quick and simple and you can decorate them in lots of fun ways with kids.

  10. I love making Pear Cake, it’s our family, friends & neighbors most favorite cake ever & puts a smile on everyones face. And I really love putting a smile on lots of peoples faces!

  11. I only started baking when I gave up work, and now love to bake a lemon drizzle or fudge cakes. I haven’t been brave enough for bread yet, but your flower pot loaves look lovely.

  12. I love to make lemon drizzle cake, it’s yum and about the best thing that I can pull off 🙂

  13. I love making white chocolate & blueberry muffins as they’re really tasty & go down a treat

  14. Chocolate chip cookies as you can’t really get them wrong and they taste amazing

  15. Cupcakes – quick, fun, the children can decorate them like crazy & I can eat the frosting!!

  16. Baking bread in flowerpots looks so exciting! The seeds in the bread make it look so morish! 🙂 x

  17. Chocolate brownies because they are the only thing that looks ok when baked.
    Pretty useless really

  18. I love baking bread because there is nothing better than the smell, taste and satisfaction of making it yourself!

  19. My favourite thing to bake is milk chocolate chip and white chocolate chip cookies, I really enjoy stirring the dough and they taste so delicious. they are quick and easy to make

  20. I make an egg-free, dairy-free fruit cake for my lactose-intolerant husband, which is absolutely delicious and really easy.

  21. I love baking full stop, but bread I love.. to see it rise .. than bake, eat hot with proper butter and jam! YUM

  22. I recently made some applesauce and cinnamon muffins and they were delicious. Muffins are so easy to make and everyone seems to love them.

  23. I love making blueberry muffins. It is the only way my toddler will eat blueberries.

  24. I make cupcakes about 3 times a week because my fella likes to take them to work everyday, but my favourite thing to bake is probably a nice fruity baked cheesecake – which is conveniently my favourite thing to eat…

  25. My favourite thing to bake is scones! Served with lashings of homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream – yummy! 🙂

  26. I love making Wright’s carrot cake and made from scratch Victoria sponde cake because they are both favourites and never fail to please.

  27. I love making cake as I can vary what I put in, ie. Ginger, Cinammon, Golden Syrup, and personalise the cake so my son has a different taste every time, and everyone else thinks it’s great!

  28. I have +1 on Google+ but it is not taking! please assume that this is done and double check xx

  29. Chocolate/rice krispy chocolate cakes. Probably the easiest thing to do in the world, but its the messiness and licking of the bowls with laughter that my kids and I enjoy!

  30. Cakes; I use a basic Victoria Sandwich recipe which can be adapted for any flavour of cake.
    My favourite is raspberry and chocolate.

  31. My son’s birthday cake, chocolate mad it with white fondant icing and a cut out of sooty on it. Everyone said it looked and tasted fab. Just made my husbands one, but game of thrones isn’t as nice to decorate as sooty 🙂

  32. I like to make decorated individual fairy cakes for my grandchildren. They enjoy decorating their own cakes with me.

  33. With the children I like to bake little buns because they get great pleasure out of decorating them, fills in a rainy afternoon

  34. carrot cake, because i dont like the smell of cinnamon but absolutely LOVE the taste of it <3 and carrots…in cake… who'd have thought it would work

  35. Banana pancakes for a weekend breakfast treat because I love the look of happiness my family gets when I make them 🙂

  36. My favourite things to make are Muffins as they are super easy and you can change them depending on what you have in the cupboard and everybody LOVES them!!

  37. Different breads – I love warm fresh cooked bread with butter melting, and the smell of (unburnt!!) breads and rolls is really nice

  38. I love making cupcakes, they’re quick and easy to make such a variety of yummy bite sized treats

  39. Lemon meringue roulade. I like watching the egg whites puff up and I love it when everyone says it’s delicious!

  40. I love to make scones really easy, great for kids to help and yummy with jam and cream

  41. Lemon meringue pie – hubby’s favourite. Although I have to own up to cheating by using a ready-made pastry base! 🙂

  42. My childrens birthday, although stressfull they are so nice because they are one of a kind.

  43. bread :)i can never get it right but it is as tasty as anything fresh from the oven 🙂

  44. I am going to admit that I am not really a bake from scratch kind of girl – So these mixes would be perfect. I did however try and make cheese scones recently and they went down quite well!!!!!

  45. My favourite thing to bake is muffin-style mini cakes – basically carrot muffins 🙂 They’re moist, they’re different and because they contain a vegetable I can justify going back for seconds!

  46. I Love baking bread!It’s so therapeutic!All those bills piling upTHUMP gone!all the Frustrations of trafficTHUMP Gone!Not enough hours in the dayTHUMP Gone!!Need 2 pairs of extra handsTHUMP Gone!!Feel free to release all your worry’s!!XX

  47. My favorite thing to bake is a crusty bread recipe that is allowed to raise overnight and then baked in a dutch oven. It is super easy to make yeast bread that smells and taste delicious!

  48. I had the same kits and our safari cookies also went wrong and out of shape. It’s not just you.
    Bread was great tho x

  49. I love to bake Barn Brack as it is so easy and the kids can help -soaking the raisins the day before in cold tea . It sounds a strange process but when the raisins aremixed with the other ingredients the next day (throw it all in together) it produces an amazing cake and the kids can produce it with minimal help ,which they love

  50. chewy ginger cookies because everyone loves them, they’re fun to make and everyone can join in making them and they make the house smell delicious.

  51. Scones – all different types. They are quick and easy and are so much better than the ones sold in supermarkets. Cant beat traditional scones served with jam and cream.

  52. Cheese and onion pie.It’s my familys ultimate favourite.My children have eaten it since being toddlers and they are adults now.We never get fed up of eating it.

  53. I like baking shortbread biscuits because they are easy to do with my little girl, they always taste great & she loves making a mess dribbling icing over them.

  54. I love to bake anything naughty! But I’m very partial to cupcakes, muffins and scones. The trouble is once they’re made I can’t leave them alone until they’re gone, so I tend to only cook when my partner is here so we can share the scrumminess! X

  55. I love baking biscuits, they are so easy, but taste soooooooooooooooooo nice. normally they don’t make it to the tin!!!!!!

  56. I love baking bread- there are so many different varieties to try out and it fills the whole house with a delicious smell!

  57. Cookies… my mum gave me the best ever recipe. Always work well and chewy in the middle… amazing

    By the way I love your giraffe cookies they really made me giggle x

  58. Victoria Sponge cake. Actually it’s only of the only things I can bake well.
    I should have listened to my mams instructions more when I was young!

  59. I like cooking with yeast as there is something almost magical about starting with quite boring ingredients and ending up with something light and tasty.

  60. love baking chocolate pecan pie, a recipe i got from another blog, it tastes fabulous

  61. I love to bake Salted Caramel cupcakes because they are so delicious I cannot get enough of them!

  62. Brownies because they are so easy and quick to make and there are lots of different variations you can make

  63. I love to make Ginger cake as it reminds me of my late father as i used to bake it for a treat for him.


  65. We love making gingerbread men and fairy cakes – they are such simple, foolproof recipes. The kids love all the measuring and mixing (and licking the spoon) and it doesn’t matter if they are a bit heavy handed or their measurements are a bit off. Plus they spend ages decorating them once they are done. A fun afternoon for all. Oops – I think I hit the tick/done button on the comment entry before I put my name in – sorry! I have commented.

    1. Oops, I meant to say I love baking these as I love baking anything with yeast and these are always so popular.

  66. I love making cheese scones because there is nothing nicer than spreading butter on them when they are hot

  67. I love making gluten free rocky road as its so simple, but everyone in the family loves it and the kids can help 🙂

  68. I love baking ginger bread men with my daughter, I love decorating them with her and eating half the decorations before they even make it to the biscuit!

  69. My favorite is a tea bread, though its cake not bread! I soak the mixed fruit overnight in tea, so next day its so simple to make. All the family love it

  70. Pumpkin and orange cupcakes as they are a bit healthier and we get the pumpkins free from a farm park we visit

  71. I love baking the birthday cakes for my children and decorating them. The reason I enjoy this so much is that I am not the most creative person but I get to be very creative with baking and decorating birthday cakes.

  72. Pancakes (scotch ones) as they remind me of my nanna 🙂 plus they taste lovely just freshly off the griddle!!

  73. I love baking tear and share bread – it’s lovely to all sit around the table and tuck in as a family or group of friends

  74. I love muffins as they are so tasty and can have so many varieties. Because they are moist they last well and also freeze too.

  75. I love baking bread and making the jam to go with it. The smells from both are heavenly 🙂

  76. I love cooking Christmas Cake, it invokes so many memories and I make it in October so it has plenty of time to mature (and I can add lots of booze!)

  77. I love baking eclairs as I like the way they puff up and filling them with cream 🙂 x

  78. I love to bake different types of breads as there as so many different types to try out and are not really difficult to bake xx

  79. I’m gluten free so I love baking anything gluten free. I’ve recently joined a gluten free baking class at a local school and we recently made a lemon drizzle try bake. I’ve shared this out to my friends and family and every single comment has been fantastic – so this is definitely my new favourite thing to bake!

  80. I love baking fairy cakes 🙂 they’re quick, easy and the whole family can get involved

  81. My favourite thing to bake is chelsea buns, they’re so easy but look so effective and the family loves them

  82. cookies, cos like you said, it doesn’t matter what they look like they always taste good xx

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