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Bake with Suzy – a review

It’s funny that someone who was once a complete disaster in the kitchen, now loves making cakes.  Cakes that are actually edible, cakes that people actually like eating.  Roll back 10 years and my nieces would tell you horror stories of my attempts to make cookies with them!  But those days are behind me.  When I spotted a request for people to try out some baking kits, I volunteered like a shot. The request was from Bake with Suzy.

Suzy Pelta won Lorraine’s Cake Club Competition in May 2012 with an original cake recipe of a chocolate and banana cake with peanut butter frosting.  Since winning the competition Suzy has launched her own range of baking kits – Bake With Suzy.

I received this lovely tin complete with recipe and ingredients to make Triple Chocolate Scones.

Bake with SuzyI was slightly nervous, I haven’t made scones in over 30 years, I do remember that it wasn’t a pleasant experience!  So I inhaled deeply and opened the tin, whilst mentally keeping my fingers crossed.

Bake with Suzy Bake with Suzy

Along with the recipe itself, you get all the key dried ingredients – SR Flour, cocoa, caster sugar and chocolate chips.  I just needed to provide milk, butter and salt.  My little chef Monkey did want to help me make the scones, but I’ll be honest, I was a bit stressed about the outcome so told him, that for once I’d make them myself.  He wasn’t happy.  We compromised when I said he could stir in the chocolate chips for me.  He smiled.

The recipe instructions were very easy to follow, and there is enough mixture to make up to 20 scones.  We are quite greedy in this house, so I made slightly less.  I’d love to say that my scones looked as perfectly formed and ‘scone’ shaped as Suzy’s.  I’d be lying, mine looked nothing like scones, but I’d made them.  It wasn’t traumatic, it wasn’t a disaster.  I have improved my scone making abilities it would seem. They were in one piece, as were my nerves.  Time to bake for 8-10 minutes on an ungreased baking tray at 220 degrees.

The smell whilst the Triple Chocolate Scones were baking was amazing!  Would they taste as good?  Well you don’t have to wait long to find out, as Suzy recommends eating them whilst they are still warm.

Bake with Suzy Well my chief taste tester was there like a shot!  Mummy, I would like that one please.

Bake with SuzyThe smile says it all doesn’t it.  They tasted delicious, really moist, really scrummy.  We resisted scoffing the lot and I packed the rest in my new Bake tin, ready for Daddy P to try when he got home.

Bake with Suzy Bake with Suzy

Bake with Suzy have a number of different baking kits options, including one specifically for baking with kids.  The kits are available from a number of online retailers including Amazon, but if you’d like information on local stockists you can contact Suzy direct on the website.

We’ve enjoyed our Bake with Suzy experience, I hope you do too!

disclaimer: we were sent this kit for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own honest opinions.



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  1. I’ve seen these in the shops and wondered what they were like – The kit looks great and the scones look yummy! x

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