Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set

Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set

Monkey was first introduced to Battroborg last year, and although the sets have a guide age of 6+ he figured his original set out straight away.  He’s loved playing with the Samurai Vs Ninja set and now he’s been putting the Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set Viking Vs Knight set to the test.

Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set

The TOMY Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set can be played solo or with 2 players, making this a great game for Monkey.  The sets come with an arena, the two Bots – in this case a Viking and a Knight, pieces to customise each Bot, the controllers and full instructions.

Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set

Now you will need 4 x AA batteries for each controller, especially worth noting if the Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set is going to be a present.  The Bot’s can be customised with the various pieces of armour supplied (easy snap fit) and there are 3 weapons to arm them with.

Use a cross head screw driver to fit the batteries in each charger, and follow the instructions to charge the Bots fully.  It’s really easy to do, but patience will be required for about 20 minutes from the children, whilst this happens!

Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set Once the Bot’s are charged you need to synchronise them to the controllers – again the instructions are really easy to follow and this process is completed in a matter of seconds. It’s also worth noting that if the controllers are not used for 20 minutes, the sets will automatically shut down.  A bonus when you have a Monkey, who never believes in turning anything off!

Time for battle to commence.  We always make sure that we use the wrist ties on the controllers, they are adjustable for little arms too!

Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set

There are three infrared sensors on the controllers that activate the Bot’s and you need to be between 50-100cms away from them for the controllers to work properly.  Monkey still has some way to go to fully master how to control the Bot’s, but that’s fine as he’s only 5 anyway. Using different arm movements at varying degrees you can move the Bot’s and they can use their weapons in combat.  There’s some skill and tactics involved in game play so the game will develop as the children get better at working the controllers.

If you have more than one set you could also mix and match the different Bot’s, just remember to synch the Bot to a controller and away you go.

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The Battroborg Warrior Battle Arena Set retail for £59.99, but I’ve just spotted this bargain deal on Amazon for £29.01 (my affiliate link is below for your reference).

disclaimer:  we were sent this set in exchange for an honest review

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  1. This looks like so much fun! I can’t wait until LP and Little Man are older so they can play with things like this together x

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