Beauty and the Beast Book of the Film

Beauty and the Beast Book of the Film

As a child, forty odd years ago, I remember loving to read the Ladybird book version of Beauty and the Beast.  I’ve never seen the film or the new re-make, but I wanted to share the story with my 7-year-old Monkey son.  Parragon have recently released Beauty and the Beast Book of the Film and I thought it would be a great way to introduce him to the story and hopefully encourage him to see the film at the cinema.

Beauty and the Beast Book of the Film

Based on the newly released Disney film, Beauty and the Beast Book of the Film tells the story of Belle and a Beast who isn’t all he seems.

Long ago there’s a Prince who’s arrogant, nasty and cruel to his staff.  One day he goes a step too far and a sorceress turns him into a Beast, and his staff into objects, such as the housemaid Mrs Potts, who becomes a talking teapot. The royal castle and it’s inhabitants are to be hidden away and forgotten until the Prince can find someone to love him, and for him to show love to.

Belle’s father gets lost in the forest one day and discovers the castle. He becomes imprisoned and is only released by the Beast, when Belle takes his place.  She is a lover of books and dreams of travels, the Beast is angry and bitter.  Can the two ever become friends, can they fall in love and break the spell?

Beauty and the Beast Book of the Film, is aimed at children aged 8-12 years of age, and you definitely need to be a fluent independent reader to get the best from this 256 page paperback book.  It’s beyond my 7 year old’s reading capability at the moment, but I’ve enjoyed reading the book to him.  It’s been a reawakening of the story for me, and a first experience of this classic fairy tale for my son.

I’ve heard great things about the film, and the book holds up well independently too.  Priced at £6.99 I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference.  The book is well written, I would usually expect a book of a film to include some film stills, so was a little disappointed that this one doesn’t, but we’d still recommend it.

 disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review


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