Before Her Eyes

Before Her Eyes – a book review

Every so often I get to read a book that totally captivates me, and keeps me up very late at night.  When that book also keeps you guessing right to the last page, then you know you’ve discovered a winner.  Before Her Eyes by Jack Jordan was published through Corvus Books on 16th August and it’s very good indeed, in my opinion.

Before Her Eyes

I’m taking part in the Jack Jordan Blog Tour to promote the release of Before Her Eyes and it’s my first time reading one of his books.

We meet Naomi Hannah who has been blind since birth.  She’s feeling suicidal and is about to jump off the cliffs close to where she lives.  She has her beloved guide dog, Max, and you get the feeling that it’s her love for the dog that stops her jumping.

We learn to see the world through Naomi’s eyes and see how well she really copes in a world of darkness even though her adopted Mum would like to keep a closer eye on her.

Before Her Eyes is one of those thrillers that leads you this was that, as different characters are introduced. When Naomi stumbles open the body of a young woman in an alleyway, it changes her life forever.  She’s aware of someone else being there, watching her, following her.  So the suspense begins.

The police hunt begins and we meet Detective Marcus Campbell.  He’s new the town and soon discovers that everyone knows everyone else and the town has been holding the secret of another young woman’s killer for a number of years. Could there be a connection?

As more victims are discovered, Naomi seems to be more and more connected to the killer.  Why is she being allowed to live? Marcus Campbell seems to be up against the wall.  He’s new boss Lisa seems to have taken an instant dislike to him and as Before Her Eyes develops it’s clear that he is on his own, trying to fight deceit and corruption.  He’s determined to get to the truth no matter what it unearths.

Through every twist and turn you meet a number of suspects and get led down blind alleys.  Just when you think you know who did what to who, there’s a final spin to throw you totally off track.

I’ve enjoyed reading Before Her Eyes so much, and can thoroughly recommend.  I’m now off to order other Jack Jordan books!  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference in case you fancy reading this book for yourself and you can see what others think in the blog tour details below.

Before Her Eyes

disclosure:  we were sent the book mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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