Bibble and the Bubbles

Bibble and the Bubbles – a book review

Today I bring a picture book to you that has quickly become one of Monkey’s favourite bedtime stories.  Recently published by Maverick Arts Publishing, Bibble and the Bubbles is written by Alice Hemming and illustrated by Sara Sanchez.

Bibble and the Bubbles

Bubbles are something that I think fascinate all children.  I can remember loving blowing bubbles as a child, and Monkey is no different now.  Bibble and the Bubbles tells the story of a little boy called Bobby, who just like Monkey, loves blowing bubbles.  He has a question though – where do they go?

We then zoom million of miles from earth and meet Bibble, a little alien who loves catching bubbles.  He wants to know where they all come from?  One day he needs to find out as the bubbles have just stopped arriving.  Bibble moulds a spaceship out of bubbles and sets off on an adventure.

So Bibble and Bobby get to meet, the share a love of bubbles and a friendship is made.  Bobby has run out of bubble mixture and Bibble helps him create some more.

Bibble and the Bubbles

The two friends have great fun making bubbles, Bibble can play with them and they don’t pop.  Of course the friends can’t stay together forever.

Bibble and the Bubbles is a magical tale that will capture the imagination of children and be appreciated by the grown ups too.  We really love this book and can thoroughly recommend it.

Again, it’s priced at £6.99 and is a firm favourite here.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

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  1. That looks like a lovely story-bubbles are good fun aren’t they. Oh, and I’ve just noticed the Tots ranking-fab 🙂

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