Big Dinosaurs

Big Dinosaurs – a review for Orchard Toys

Big Dinosaurs

I’ve mentioned a few times that Monkey loves Dinosaurs.  We watch dinosaurs on CBeebies, we’ve been to two Natural History Museums in search of dinosaur bones, we are always reading about them and playing with them!  There was only one area of play missing – a jigsaw puzzle.  Well that has now been sorted too – let me introduce you to the new Talkabout Floor Puzzle from Orchard Toys – Big Dinosaurs.

Big DinosaursBig Dinosaurs is aimed at children aged 4 years and over and is a 50 piece floor puzzle, a great addition to the Orchard Toys Talkabout Floor puzzle range.

Monkey loves jigsaw puzzles and can easily cope with a 35 piece puzzle.  The launch of the Big Dinosaurs puzzle was perfectly timed for him to move up to the next level – could he cope with a 50 piece puzzle?  No better way to find out than by trying one with a favourite subject.

As with other Talkabout Puzzles we’ve featured previously, the Big Dinosaurs box provides useful information. In this instance; there are facts about each dinosaur illustrated along with a time line of when they each lived on earth.

Big Dinosaurs

The jigsaw pieces are made of thick board, so they will last.  The pieces are large enough for little hands to be able to place them in the puzzle with ease.

Big Dinosaurs

The graphics are as you would expect from Orchard Toys; bright, engaging and fun.

Big Dinosaurs Big Dinosaurs

Monkey coped well with making this puzzle up.  He still prefers to make sections up and then put them together, rather than completing the edges first.  This frustrates the puzzler in me, but it works for him!

Big Dinosaurs Big Dinosaurs

He knows all the dinosaur names and his pronunciation is better than mine in most instances!

It wasn’t long before he went on a dinosaur hunt, found his toy dinosaurs and brought them back to see the Big Dinosaurs puzzle.  Look Mummy, there is a Diplodocus.

We talked about what the dinosaurs would eat, who would like to go for a swim and who were hatching out of the eggs.  I know this puzzle is going to be well-played with over the months to come.  I’m sure any dinosaur fan would love it too.

Priced at £9.75 I think this is a great addition to the range and gets a big thumbs up from my little puzzler.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.




3 thoughts on “Big Dinosaurs – a review for Orchard Toys

  1. Pretty cheap for a jigsaw puzzle. Looks like a good one. N’s a bit rubbish when it comes to jigsaws, he gives up bored, and doesn’t always try before asking me to help. And of course, he doesn’t listen to me when I say start with corners and edges. Grrr

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