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Bio Clinica Plus – anti-wrinkle cream review, giveaway and discount code

Oh how I wish I’d spent more time looking after my face when I was younger!  Not that I’m vain, you take me moles and all these days.  Like it or leave it, but as time passes I can really see changes in my skin and don’t get me started on the grey hairs.  I was very lackadaisical in my youth, slap a bit of moisturiser on every once in a while and the world will be good.  That might have been the case twenty years ago, but now, three years away from a birthday I really don’t want to acknowledge out loud, I see a different face.  Gone is that firm taut skin, and very much there are the bags under the eyes, laughter and frown lines – deeply embedded.  I was recently asked if I’d like to try Bio Clinica Plus – an anti-wrinkle cream from Medosan.  It was time to admit the passing of time and take action!

Bio Clinica Plus

It is recommended to use Bio Clinica Plus on your face twice a day, morning and night after cleansing.  So a few weeks ago I started my new skin care regime and I’ve stuck to it (always a challenge with me).

The ingredients of the anti-wrinkle cream include satin silk offering a well moisturised and smooth complexion, pearl extract which nourishes the skin and is meant to boost the metabolism which should help slow down the ageing process, aloe vera, mallow extract and marigold extract which helps to make the skin smoother.

Bio Clinica Plus

The Bio Clinica Plus anti-wrinkle cream is easy to apply and a little goes a long way.  It absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed.

I have to be honest, I’m always a bit sceptical of anything ‘anti ageing’ but I’ve been quite surprised with this cream and the results on my skin.  I have very defined laughter and frown lines but I can certainly see a difference with my frown lines on my forehead and my crows-feet are less prominent.  All for the good!

Bio Clinica Plus

For £9.95 for a 50ml pot of Bio Clinica Plus I’ve been rather impressed and I’d love you to be able to try this anti-wrinkle cream for yourselves.  I have a giveaway for one lucky reader and can offer all of you a 10% discount code valid until the end of June: SK19BE when purchasing from the website here.

disclaimer:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.


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Bio Clinica Plus anti-wrinkle cream 50ml



185 thoughts on “Bio Clinica Plus – anti-wrinkle cream review, giveaway and discount code

  1. I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily. I always have since I was a teenager. I use day cream in the mornings an a night cream at night.

  2. I cleanse every night, regular face scrub & moisturise with a natural moisturiser morning & before bed

  3. I imported Rodan + Fields from US as I was told the results were great. They’ve been OK, but the day cream is 8x the price of this cream – I’m going to give it a go! Thank you Mary 🙂

  4. I’ve always used Nivea day and night creams and an exfoliating face wash. I try and keep moisturised all the time, using BB creams. Exfoliating seems to make any lines finer. Ty for the chance x

  5. Splash my face with cold water, cleanse and moisturise my face and always clean my Eyelids with a wipe to keep them clean.

  6. I’m a bit naughty I don’t have much of a routine – just cleanse and moisturise.

  7. I use a sonic facial brush for washing and then a facial serum and moisturiser with at least spf15

  8. I use face wipes to clean my make up off each night and in the morning I use moisture cream before putting any make-up on my face

  9. Cleansing wipes morning and night, moisturiser with SPF during the day, serum at night. Facial scrub twice a week. This is the routine I should stick to, sometimes I find myself slipping 😀

  10. Cleanse and Moisturise 🙂 Always take make up off before bed even if your half cut or your end up with bad skin for rest of week 😛

  11. I don’t have one.. I just use Aloe face soap as it doens’t have harsh chemicals 🙂

  12. I use a hot cloth cleanser twice a day, serum and moisturiser. Once in a while I slap on a masque. I’d love to do it more but sometimes it’s hard to find that 10 clear minutes or be bothered!

  13. Cleanse using sunflower oil and a hot flannel, then moisturise. If it’s nightime I use coconut or avocado oil, if it’s daytime I use any moisturiser as long as it’s got a SPF of over 20. I find this regime very economical.I’m almost 48 now and I think my skin is in reasonable condition. I also avoid sitting int he sun.x

  14. Its all over the place, I’m terrible! I wash my face with a flannel in the morning, and use Aveeno moisuriser because my skin is so dry and this doesn’t leave me looking too greasy! I’m trialing allsorts in the evenings for make up removal and moisturising, but I’ve not found the right cream yet other than Aveeno. I keep trying different products. I’d love to work on the wrinkles and dryness of my skin a bit more!

  15. I wash with a gentle facial wash then simply use Nivea soft twice a day. If time allows I sometimes do a face mask

  16. My mum washes her face in the shower then cleanses then puts cream on her face

  17. I’m using Tisserand coconut oil at night and Botanics hydrating moisturiser by day.

  18. I tell myself that I need to wash and moisturise twice daily, but really I only do it every couple of days

  19. It’s only in the last 6 months have I realised my skin needs far more attention than I am giving it. I hope I can make up for lost time but I’m not convinced. Now I cleanse, tone and moisturise twice per day and apply a replenishing night serum at night too. Why didn’t I do this years ago I’ll never know, I’ll never end up looking like Sharon Stone at this rate!

  20. I cleanse & moisturise every morning..In all honesty, that’s it. Once or twice a week I might have a no make up/can’t be bothered day and then I use the opportunity to apply a serum an eye cream.

  21. Don’t have a lot of time so just wash my face in the shower and then moisturiser. But in the evening I cleanse and moisturise with a night cream

  22. I have a quick wipe around with cleaning wipes and clean my teeth, and I’m good to go!

  23. Nivea face cream from the pound shop morning and night,it’s the best stuff ever, my skin loves it!

  24. i don’t really have a routine, although i do like drinking a lot of water to keep my skin clear

  25. cleanse twice a day, moisturise in morning then slather night cream on at night!!!! and try to drink plenty of water!!!!

  26. My skincare routine varies from military precision to non-existent! I try to use a gentle exfoliating scrub twice a week and regularly apply a moisturiser – especially in winter.

  27. I apply cleanser, toner and moisturiser in the morning and use a deep cleansing cloth and night cream before bed

  28. My skin is super sensitive, so I have to keep it simply. Cleanse and moisturise.

  29. I don’t really have one, I use cleanser and moisturiser but its not a routine as such

  30. Currently just day and night moisturise but do try and cleanse and tone when i remember

  31. I try to cleanse tone and moisturise a few times a week. Anymore then my dry skin gets worse. I also try and drink lots of water.

  32. I use a clearskin facewash as I have terribly oily skin then I moisturise except my T zone. I am using a pot of Elemis pro collagen marine cream at the moment I was lucky enough to win in another competition

  33. I always try to cleanse, tone and rehydrate with moisturiser every day…but I think it’s most important to drink lots of H2O.

  34. I use a gentle facial scrub daily followed by a drop of Johnson’s Baby Oil in some warm water to rinse it off with and to moisturise the skin.

  35. Mine is non existant! I wash my face with warm water and sometimes use moisturiser at night

  36. I wash and moisturize, however as I get older I think maybe I need a bit more in my routine and to try a new cream.

  37. Cleansing and PLENTY of moisturising – the skin on my face is so dry! I use a night cream too.

  38. Wash with soap, I don’t usually get five minutes to myself to cleanse, tone, moisturise, but I do as often as I can … :/

  39. I moisturise daily by day and night, and cleanse my skin twice daily. I use nivea cream at the moment day and night.

  40. I always cleanse and moisturize my face morning and night and always use anti-aging products, usually Olay x

  41. I take Vitamin D3 which has helped a lot with my aging, dry skin. Wash with mild soap and water in the morning, always moisturise (sometimes twice) before applying foundation and makeup.

  42. I wash my face in a morning, followed by Biotherm serum and on a evening I use Biotherm moisturiser and once a week I use a face mask

  43. I have had no skin care routine and often went to bed with my makeup still on. The wrinkles are showing big time round my eyes now for my age. I need all the help I can get now from good creams and moisteners.

  44. Ageless cleansing wipes ( 2 packs for £1 in would you believe Iceland) & Lucura restorative day cream ( £2 for 50 ML in Aldi ) both highly recommended .I’ve noticed a difference especially with the later.I’m mid 40’s too but look say 38 haha

  45. My intention is to cleanse, tone and moisturise morning and night….the nightly sometimes gets missed!


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