Bizzy Bitz 350 pieces starter set

Bizzy Bitz 350 pieces starter set

I first came across Bizzy Bitz at The Toy Fair last year and was instantly intrigued.  With a construction mad son, they sets looked right up our street.  I’d already got these on Monkey’s birthday list for next month, when we were asked if we’d like to review the Bizzy Bitz 350 pieces starter set.  Perfect timing.

Bizzy Bitz 350 pieces starter set

Bizzy Bitz supply a range of different sized construction sets suitable for ages 3-8 years, although the 350 pieces starter set is recommended for children aged 4-8 years.  The set contains a variety of different type of Bizzy Bitz pieces along with a number of instruction booklets, all contained in a handy plastic lidded container.

I did find the number of different leaflets slightly confusing, and couldn’t really understand why there wasn’t one full leaflet, rather than a varied selection of ideas.  But that aside, Monkey couldn’t wait to get started as soon as I opened the box.

Monkey will be 6 next month, and as regular readers know, he’s a massive fan of construction sets.

Bizzy Bitz 350 pieces starter set

Once he’d got the hang of fitting the various components together he was off building his own creations and I was given instructions to make a certain number of items from the leaflets provided.  Mummy I’ve made a crane and now I would like you to make the train. No surprises there then.

Bizzy Bitz 350 pieces starter set

There is so much scope for this range, the 3D element and moveable parts have been a big hit.  The sizing of the parts is perfect for Monkey and I can see him playing with this set for a long time to come.

The Bizzy Bitz 350 pieces starter set  has really captured Monkey’s imagination, even with the suggested builds, he’s added extras.  After all, all trains come complete with a back hoe loader attachment – right?!

My only niggle with this product is from a quality point of view.  I worked on the Export side of a plastic manufacturing company before I had Monkey so maybe I’m slightly more critical than others.  I do feel that the quality of the parts could be improved slightly.  I found a few parts with flash (excess material), a crushed part and I found that not all of the ball joint parts were uniform, meaning whilst some parts would fit perfectly rigid, others would flop.  There were a couple of other processing issues I highlighted to the company too.  But I’ve been reassured  by Bizzy Bitz that should any customer have an issue with any component parts, these would be replaced.

But from my son’s point of view the Bizzy Bitz 350 pieces starter set  has been a great hit. He’s played with it for hours and I really do mean hours.  3 hours in one sitting on one day during the half term holidays.  I like the fact that you can make multiple items from this one set and still have pieces to spare.

This set is priced at £37.00, and you can buy direct from the Bizzy Bitz website. where you can also see the other sets currently on offer.  Monkey gives the set a big thumbs up, improve the quality of the plastic components and we’d give this range a 10/10 rating.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review


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