Blaze On light up Monkey's new room

Blaze On light up Monkey’s new room

Blaze On light up Monkey's new room

Monkey finally got his new single bed on Wednesday and after Daddy P and I had assembled it, I was busy sorting out his room when a delivery arrived.  Perfect timing! as the package contained some LED lights that I wanted for him.  Blaze On light up Monkey’s new room!

Blaze On light up Monkey's new room

Blaze On provide a range of wonderful fairy lights, candles and tea lights.  I really wanted some fairy lights to finish of Monkey’s bedroom.  I fell in love with the lovely Enchanted Garden range with Spiders and Fireflies, but decided that the Star, Sun and Moon in a Blue Tone would suit his bedroom better.

The first thing I noticed when I unpacked the Blaze On product was the recycled packaging.  But my eyes were really drawn to the product itself.

Blaze On light up Monkey's new room

The Star, Sun, Moon range is available in different colours and with either 10 or 20 Warm White LED lights.  As most of Monkey’s bedding is blue I thought the Blue Tone would work best and the 20 LED option would give me the flexibility I wanted to finish his room.

Blaze On light up Monkey's new room

I wanted to wrap the Blaze On fairy lights around Monkey’s new bed frame.  As they are LED lights I don’t need to worry about heat, like you would with conventional lighting. Daddy P will be happy because the Warm White LED’s are far more energy-efficient and they have a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours! I love them because I don’t need to change any bulbs!

The light string is 5 metres long, so I could easily plug the fairy lights in behind Monkey’s bed and wrap the string around the frame.  We’re still playing around with the effect, but I was interested to see what Monkey thought when he got home from school.

Stargaze anywhere with these truly supernal fairy lights. As the LED ?passes through the lush mulberry paper the light diffuses creating soft ?lunar glow. Whether party decoration or bedroom feature these lights ?will add a sprinkling of magic to any space.

The quality of our Blaze On fairy lights is excellent, but as an added security there is a 1 year electronic guarantee and full UK technical support, should it be needed.

The Fairy Lights really came into their own at bedtime.  I can easily read Monkey a bedtime story under these lights, yet they are soft enough for Monkey to fall asleep under. He is so pleased with his new room and absolutely loves his new fairy lights, so I’m a very happy Mummy.

Priced at £27.50 for the 20 LED version I think these fairy lights are great value and can thoroughly recommend.  Blaze On also offer a gift wrapping service if you were thinking of treating someone this Christmas!

update: 30.03.16 I was rather surprised to find that our lights have stopped working tonight.  My son hasn’t had the lights on every night, and certainly nowhere near 100,000 hours 🙁

disclosure:  we were offered this item in exchange for an honest review


6 thoughts on “Blaze On light up Monkey’s new room

  1. They look great. I should have a look into something like this for my son, he doesn’t like the dark at the moment!

  2. They are great aren’t they. I’m not entirely sure where we’re going to put N’s as he doesn’t have a frame on his current bed (rubbish divan) and no curtain pole due to the type of windows/curtains we have. The blue tack might have to come out!

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