Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - Doh Nutters

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway – Doh Nutters

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - Doh NuttersWe love Elephants in this house. I was lucky enough to visit an elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka some years ago, I even got to feed a baby elephant.  So when we had the chance to look at a game inspired by one of my favourite animals we were rather pleased, the fact that’s its great fun – big bonus! Today’s Blog Birthday review and giveaway – Doh Nutters from Drumond Park.

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - Doh NuttersDoh Nutters is a game for 2-4 players aged 4 years and over.  It’s a game for all the family.  Doh Nutters comes with a game board, 4 coloured elephant masks and 12 coloured doughnut rings.

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - Doh Nutters Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - Doh Nutters

You pick your coloured mask and the object is to be the first person to retrieve all of their coloured doughnuts from the game board.  This sounds easier than it is in practice – leading to lots of giggles.

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - Doh Nutters Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - Doh Nutters

Monkey turned 4 in December and he has struggled a bit with this game so far.  There is some technique required to hook the doughnuts on to the trunk of your elephant, he has got a little frustrated.  But I  like games that provide a challenge, and where we can see his progression.  I’m sure he’ll be beating Daddy P in no time!

Once you have your masks on, and the doughnuts are spread across the game board, the youngest player shouts ‘Start’ and off you go.  It’s a free for all to see who can hook their doughnuts the quickest.  No hands allowed!  This is something Monkey found a challenge, but we’re working on it.

The elephant masks come with elasticated straps, my only comment is that I wish they were adjustable.  Monkey struggled to keep his on properly, but they were a great fit for myself and Daddy P.  Even Brewster wanted to get involved! But other than that, they are well made and will stand up to hours of fun playing Doh Nutters.

I do like the fact that this is game is fast and furious.  There’s a scramble to hook the doughnuts and then the game is over. So it’s great if you want something quick to occupy the kids.  They can play it over and over, swop colours and go again.

Priced at £14.99 I think there are hours of fun to be had with this all action game.


Now for the good news!  I can off you, my readers the chance to win your very own Doh Nutters game.  Just complete the rafflecopter to enter – good luck!

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215 thoughts on “Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway – Doh Nutters

  1. Pig goes pop used to make my youngest giggle hysterically when he was younger. Love the game.

  2. THIS is my favourite game!!

    I had doh-nutters when I was a child and had completely forgotten it existed. Our masks looked a bit different though, I remember them being grey with just a bit of colour on.

  3. Mask n Ask is a fab game. I was baffled as to how my son kept winning until I realised that he saw his mask in the shiny fireplace (acted as a mirror!)….I soon made him move! lol

  4. Doh Nutters would certainly help express some of the extra energy they seem to gain at the weekends.

  5. Wordsearch and Wordsearch Junior – these have helped my two children – it helped my youngest with reading and spelling and my eldest with spelling, vocab and dictionary searching plus they are just great family games 🙂

  6. We love playing Mask N Ask, my daughter had it for Christmas and we have hours of fun and usually end up having laughed so much we get tummy pains!

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