Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway – Hedgehugs

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway – Hedgehugs

We adore Hedgehogs in this house, we’re lucky to have a few that visit us when they are not hibernating.  So I’m thrilled to offer today’s Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway – Hedgehugs.

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - HedgehugsThis is a wonderful 30 page picture book written and illustrated by partners Lucy Tapper and Steve Wilson.  We get to meet Horace and Hattie, hedgehogs who are the best of friends.  Horace and Hattie do everything together.  They really, really want to be able to have a good old-fashioned friendly hug.  There is one, rather huge problem, their prickles!

We follow them through the seasons as they try to overcome this particular problem.  What can they do to cover their prickles so they can have a hedgehug?

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - HedgehugsThis is a wonderful story of friendship and we watch the hedgehogs try to solve their problem.  Will they ever be able to have a hedgehug?  You’ll have to buy the book yourself to find out.  All I can say to you is odd socks!

We’ve really enjoyed reading Hedgehugs, it’s made Monkey giggle as we’ve followed their exploits.  We can thoroughly recommend this book.  We are so pleased, therefore, to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to own this lovely book too!  Complete the rafflecopter below – good luck!


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143 thoughts on “Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway – Hedgehugs

  1. deffo the hedgehog, for years we had a family of 2 large ones and some baby ones, they would come into our garden at 10.10pm on the dot every night (never a minute before or after!) and they would walk in single file in a straight row the exact same route around the garden.

    they did this year after year,but sadly we haven’t seen them for the past 4 years.

  2. Definitely badgers – they’re really quite stunning creatures and unfairly persecuted. We’re lucky enough to occasionally have some come and investigate the garden.

  3. My little girl and I love frogs. We enjoy watching the frog spawn become tadpoles and eventually the frogs emerge.

  4. i love squirrels they are so entertaining although a few years back we were visited by a peacock that spent the day in our back garden showing off its tail feathers, our cat was scared to leave the house

  5. I love to see squirrels in my garden, especially the red kind. Hedgehogs are a welcome guest too 🙂

  6. We love butterflies, dragonflies and ladybirds – just beautiful! Not so keen on the wasps though :-/
    Emma xx (@beachpebble)

  7. I don’t have a garden now so I don’t get any visitors 🙁 But in my old house we used to get little hedgehogs who were quite bold – they used to come right up onto the back patio and sniff around!

  8. I like when it’s the time of the year for toads to come visiting. Such funny little creatures. And hedgehogs of course, because they eat all the slugs. They do make a very strange as they squeeze under our gate.

  9. Jack and I love listening to the birds while sunbathing. We have a resident barn owl but Jacks asleep when hes about.

  10. I have two hedgehogs who visit in the summer they wait patiently if I am late putting out their food.

  11. Hedgehogs coming into their little house in garden for food.
    Baby time in a couple of months

  12. I love birds, I just love hearing them chirping, it means the weather is getting better x

  13. I’m very lucky and have lots of lovely visitors but my all time favourite is a deer, he potters about in the garden before leaping up the neighbouring gardens.

  14. So many wonderful creatures to choose from, I’ll go with hedgehogs as I rarely see them, whereas I regularly see squirrels, which I do really enjoy.

  15. I do love hedgehogs but one year two common lizards were found scurrying around our old coal bunker.

  16. We have bird feeders and I love to watch the interaction (or lack of it) between different species 🙂

  17. Damselflies, just love them, so pretty and you can really get up close to them. We plant a couple of sunflowers each year, ’cause they always settle on them.

  18. I am very lucky that I have badgers visit my garden.They come in from the woods at the back of the house where they have their ‘den’.

  19. We love the badgers who come to visit our garden – they are a lovely animal and don’t deserve to be culled!

  20. I love it when the Squirrels come to visit. Right now we have some baby ones but they cant quite work out how to get across all the trees.

  21. I love the sound of the little birds in the garden and I love watching them build nests and eat worms and breadcrumbs.

  22. I love hedgehogs, we get loads in my garden. But it was only last year when I found out they were lactose and tolerant.. my mum always told me to give them milk the poor things!! Oh well, they still come back and visit my garden 🙂

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