Blog Birthday Giveaway - Time Travelling Toby

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway – Time Travelling Toby

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - Time Travelling TobyWith a love of aviation I just knew that Monkey would adore today’s Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway – Time Travelling Toby.  The book is written by Graham Jones and features illustrations by Neil Parkinson.  Bringing History alive is something I’ve always been passionate about, and this book does just that.

With the aim to bring English history to life, the first book in a series, Time Traveling Toby visits the battle of Britain.
The story of Toby a boy living in un unremarkable village, with its rhyming text, and a magic time traveling car is an easy to read book. The story tells of Toby and his brothers and their journey back in time. We start with Toby and his brothers facing the German bombers at Dover, can they raise the alarm in time?

As soon as this book arrived Daddy P’s eyes lit up.  He isn’t a great one for books and reading.  But I could see the title had caught his attention.  Time for story time with Daddy P Monkey!

Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - Time Travelling Toby  Blog Birthday Review and Giveaway - Time Travelling Toby

Monkey sat enthralled as Daddy P read the story of Time Travelling Toby and the Battle of Britain.  Monkey has seen various WW2 planes at airshows we’ve been too.  He knows exactly what a Spitfire looks like.

We all loved this story, we get introduced to Toby and his family and get to see his amazing time travelling machine – a sports car complete with Kevlar reinforced tyres, no less.  You know me and cars! Toby and his two brothers take a trip to 1940 and Dover and arrive just as the Battle of Britain is about to start.  Our hero has to warn Biggin Hill of the imminent arrival of the Luftwaffe!

I think any child aged 4 years and over would enjoy reading this story, it’s fun and educational. At the end of the book is a blueprint of the time travelling machine itself along with a couple of fact pages relating to the Battle of Britain.

We can’t wait for Toby’s next adventure to be released.  A meeting with Lord Nelson would also be right up our street.  Daddy P is dusting off his HMS Victory model as I type.

I’m really pleased to be able to offer you the chance to win a copy of Time Travelling Toby here, and for a second chance, why not pop over to The Soup Dragon Says, she also has a copy to giveaway there too!

For your chance to win Time Travelling Toby just complete the rafflecopter below – good luck!


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  2. I would travel back to see the people of Peru making the nazca lines and find out how they made such fantastic drawings when they werent able to see them from the air. And also how they knew what the animals were considering that they never would have come into contact with them.

  3. I tried to comment on the other link, but it says I appear to be a spambot, perhaps there’s been overkill on the ‘i sent you messages’ – can I still enter?

  4. I would travel back to the age of the Dinosaurs and try and tame one as a pet, to bring back to the future with me!

  5. I would love to go back and see the Dinosaurs !! I just can’t believe how big they must have been !! x

  6. 1999/2000 the years that I was in my last years of school. Wish I treasured it more!!! and studied harder….

  7. What time would you travel back to?
    If l had the option l would travel back to the dawn of mankind to see the dificulties they had to face

  8. British history is fascinating,my favourite eras are the days of the Cousins’ Wars and the Tudors

  9. Travelling back to a time pre birth, would one exist ? if so then to the days of the dinasaurs when modern weapons and acquired knowledge – with access to info via tablets etc to the present which is the pasts future to avoid negative scenarios……

  10. The Tudors but would like to be a fly on the wall rather than be involved in all the courtly politics 🙂

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