Boj Blast Off Buddies DVD

Boj Blast Off Buddies DVD

From the day we first discovered Boj on CBeebies, the show was a hit with Monkey.  The series features the adventures that a young Boj (a bilby – an endangered bandicoot originally from the Australian Outback) has with his family and friends in their home of Giggly Park.  We recently received a special delivery as the Boj Blast Off Buddies DVD which was released last week.

Boj Blast Off Buddies DVD

Boj Blast Off Buddies DVD is the very first one to be released, and includes 10 episodes as well as some bonus videos and printable colouring sheets.

The episodes featured are:

Blast Off Buddies
Happy Birthday
Flat as a Pancake
Carry on Carrot
Giggly Park Rescue Squad
The Giggly Dig
Denzil’s Lost Teddy
Boj the Collector
Sneezy Snufferoos
Keep on Going

The DVD has a total running time of nearly 2 hours, to keep younger children entertained. Primarily aimed at pre-schooler, the Boj Blast Off Buddies DVD has been a big hit with Monkey.  I should warn you though that the Theme Tune is very addictive and will follow you around for days!

We are having quite a Rocket and Space theme to our play at the moment and the Blast Off Buddies episode is a particular favourite.  There is also an option to watch the DVD in French, could we have Spanish too, please?

Any Boj fan is going to love this DVD, the message behind the series of working together and being part of a family is a good lesson for any youngster to learn.

Boj Blast Off Buddies DVD is now available from Sainsbury’s, Asda and Amazon and I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link for you below.

disclaimer:  we were sent this DVD in exchange for an honest review


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