How to Catch a Star

How to Catch a Star – book review and giveaway

How to Catch a StarI have to admit to not knowing this book, when How to Catch a Star was originally published 10 years ago, I was leading a very different life, and Monkey wasn’t even on the agenda!  But now things are very different, I have a 4 year old book-worm, who loves rockets and stars! So it was definitely time for us to become acquainted with How to Catch a Star and Oliver Jeffers.

How to Catch a StarThe 10th Anniversary hardback version of How to Catch a Star was released on 27th March. Aimed at children between the ages of 2-7 years, this book is perfect for a 4 year old Monkey.

As soon as he saw the cover he was off in search of his favourite rocket , which looks very similar!  Look Mummy!

How to Catch a Star How to Catch a Star

We sat down to read How to Catch a Star for the first time.  We meet a little boy who is captivated by the stars in the night sky.  He wanted so much to have a star of his own, how could he catch one?

How to Catch a StarMonkey was captivated by this story, how do you catch a star Mummy?  Shall we read on?  For a little boy who would love to visit the moon, this book poses some serious questions!  How to Catch a Star is a really lovely tale, about a subject that has probably fascinated us all as children.  Jeffers’ illustrations are so simple, but so effective.  We both loved this book, we’re now off in search of others by this author.  How have I not discovered him before?  Did the little boy catch his star?  You know I never reveal the ending!

We were also lucky enough to receive a USB stick with lots of fun things to colour, make and do – if you click on the link you can download too!  How to Catch a Star Activity Sheets.  We’ve had so much on the last few weeks, that we intend to have some fun with these over the Easter holidays.

disclaimer:  We were sent this book for the purpose of review – our comments remain our own honest opinions.

Now, I’m really pleased that I can actually offer one lucky reader a copy of How to Catch a Star for themselves.  Just complete the rafflecopter below for your chance to win.  Good luck!


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105 thoughts on “How to Catch a Star – book review and giveaway

  1. Twootsi! Named after two of my triplets I lost. One is here but the other two are playing in Heaven xxx

  2. We LOVE Oliver Jeffers – and have so many of his books but strangely enough not this one. I’d name a star ‘Mitra’ which is my middle name and my mum told me it actually meant ‘star’.

  3. i am going to be all cute for my wife and say her name karen because just like a star does she brightens up my evening

  4. I would call it Joshua after my baby nephew who passed away when he was only 18 days old.

  5. Twinkle, so when we sing twinkle, twinkle little star we are singing it specially to my star

  6. Ra… after our pet ragdoll cat, who sadly has lost her battle with a nasty tumour. We all miss her so much

  7. Bree (which is short for Sabrina). In memory of a pet dog our family had when we were young.

  8. I’d name the star Boo, whenever we look up to the night sky it would be shining down saying Boo back!

  9. I would call it ‘Fortune’ so that all who looked upon it would bring fortune into their lives.

  10. Whenever we lose someone I tell my children that they become stars, so at the moment we have great nanny

  11. i would call it ‘jaltah’ – jodie, ashley, leah, thomas, amy, hollie – myself and my 5 children 🙂

  12. I would love to call a star Acacia, after our own little star, who is living with a number of serious medical conditions, but always battles through, never lets it stop her and is always full of smiles.

  13. if i could name a star, it woul be lewis. me and my little boy often look at the stars and say lewis is shining bright. lewis is our angel in the sky

  14. Roy … for my ‘father in law’ who passed away about 10 years ago now … I didn’t know him well but he was precious! x

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