Michael Rosen's Book of Play

Michael Rosen’s Book of Play – AD sent for review and giveaway

Today see’s the publication of Michael Rosen’s Book of Play through Profile Books. The book is published in connection with the Wellcome Collection. Known for his wonderful children’s books, including one of our own favourites We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Michael Rosen wants to promote the whole idea of play.

Michael Rosen's Book of Play

I think we’re all well aware that schools are under so much pressure to test our children at every possible opportunity.  I’m lucky that my nine-year-old son isn’t a big tech fan, so he rarely uses my iPad and doesn’t have a phone.  But a lot of his friends are already big gamers. The whole idea of Michael Rosen’s Book of Play is to remind us all to bring more play into our lives.

Believing that play helps children to learn how to cope with change and become more flexible in their outlook, he discusses ideas to promote play, both indoors and out.  Whether it be with instruments, role-playing or just by drawing the Eiffel Tower, Michael Rosen’s Book of Play is full of ways to promote play for all the family to enjoy.

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Michael Rosen’s Book of Play worth £14.99

89 thoughts on “Michael Rosen’s Book of Play – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. We love to play Monopoly together, it encourages adding up and strategic skills, and it’s fun together!

  2. We like to sit in a cirle on the floor and make up a story possibly using some props to help and each taking turns to continue the story!

  3. A games compendium set as this was a main gift when i was a kid even though it was just pressed cardboard.

  4. My family loves to play board games. With my children and their partners we play Monopoly, Balderdash and Taboo. With my granddaughter I enjoy playing Snakes and Ladders, Snap and Giraffes in Scarves.

  5. LEGO because it encourages creativity, and the fortunately/unfortunately game because it can be played anywhere and is creative and funny

  6. Hello! We like to play card games together like black jack as it is fun to do and the rules are easy to remember.

  7. we love dobble in our house hold it just great fun and doesn’t matter about the age gap between my boys they can play equally :0)

  8. We like to play board games together as it gets then thinking and it shows them it doesn’t matter if you win or loose you can still have fun.

  9. we love board games and jigsaws. lego creationary is a particular favourite. we can all join in and have a laugh

  10. Jigsaw puzzles as it keeps me and my little girl busy for ages and its such a good feeling when it gets completed! Xx

  11. Top Trump’s is soooo boring but the boys love it and sit so we’ll, plus it’s helping them with reading and recognising numbers.

  12. My daughter loves playing all types of games my favourite is a paw patrol chase game, as it is easy to set up and play, and fun.

  13. What’s your favourite non tech type of game you like to enjoy with the kids and why?
    noughts and crosses . . . . . easy for even the youngest to understand, can play any time, anywhere and they even let me win sometimes

  14. Has to be board games, they’ve been a feature in my family since I was a child, and the tradition will continue. Our favourite is 3D snakes and ladders.

  15. We love to play Monopoly. We have Nightmare Before Christmas theme which we all love and it’s a great way to spend some time as a family, taking turns, being competitive and having lots of fun.

  16. we play board games and cards – I’ve recently taught D (aged 9) to play cribbage its great for working on maths

  17. We play spotting various things when on a long car journey eg a pink car, a man up a ladder etc and first one to spot it gets points.

  18. We love to play Monopoly. We have a load of different fun editions and it teaches the kids the value of money!

  19. We’ve just had a board game weekend – playing Cool Catch, Greedy Granny and Frustration. Love the latter the most as so easy to play and soooooo annoying at times lol

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