Books to treasure from The Folio Society

Books to treasure from The Folio Society

You may be sick of me saying it, but I love books, I cannot imagine a world without them, and I’m unlikely ever to veer away from real books, paper books.  For me, digital readers are a no go area.  They hold no interest, and I very much want my Monkey son to feel the same way.  I’ve been looking at books to treasure from The Folio Society recently.  You may recall that I received Breakfast at Tiffany’s recently. I want Monkey to have books that he can treasure for a lifetime, special books, books with a meaning.

I looked through the children’s section on The Folio Society website at their range, looking for just that.  A book that would mean something special to Monkey. He’s past Nursery Rhyme books sadly, he has a collection of Hans Christian Andersen tales too.  I was tempted with The Jungle Book, but then I saw the perfect book.

Books to treasure from The Folio Society

Monkey feels about steam trains, the way I do about books.  The Railway Children has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, I’ve watched the film more times than I can count.  Monkey watched it for the first time at Christmas, and was hooked.  So much so, that we took him to see the stage show in London during Kids Week earlier this year.

Books to treasure from The Folio Society

Books to treasure from The Folio Society would definitely have to include The Railway Children.  The E Nesbit classic has been in print since 1906, and I just know that Monkey will love and treasure this book.  As with all The Folio Society editions, this wonderful hardback book comes in a presentation slip case which will look lovely on his bookcase.

The book has a lovely introduction, which shapes the story and also gives us a little insight into Edith Nesbit and her life.  Another great addition are the Inge Moore illustrations which really bring key parts of the story to life.

Books to treasure from The Folio Society

We’ve promised Monkey that we will travel up to Three Chimney’s territory one day and travel on the railway there.  Clearly at the moment, Monkey’s not able to read this book for himself, I’m saving this book for his 7th birthday next month.  Then it will be out bedtime reading for the days ahead.

Books to treasure from The Folio Society

It’s such a classic story, interwoven into our family, it already holds a special place in our hearts and thanks to The Folio Society Monkey will be able to enjoy the book for many years to come.

Priced at £29.95 this really is a beautiful book for any child to treasure.  To see the full range, pop over to The Folio Society website.

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