Brewster tries the Wellness range

Brewster tries the Wellness range

Someone has been rather neglected on the blog later, except for the occasional photo on my Project 365 posts.  It was time to change that as Brewster tries the Wellness range of pet food, which has recently launched in the UK through Pets at Home.

Brewster tries the Wellness range

Now Brewster is notoriously fussy when it comes to his food.  He has preferred dry food and it’s normally very hit and miss with wet food.  So he is the ultimate critic.  What would he think of the Wellness Core Original Turkey and Chicken dried food, Divine Duos and Morsels wet food?

The Dry food was a big hit, the cat food contains no grains and is very much meat based with a focus on protein.

Brewster tries the Wellness range

With a cat Brewster’s size the recommended daily amount of food is 58-81g if eaten as a stand alone food, or 45-63g with a 85g portion of wet food.

The real test with the diva member of the household would be with the wet food.

The Divine Duos are available in 5 different 85g flavours: Duck, Turkey, Beef and Chicken Liver, Tilapia and Ahi Tuna and Tuna and Salmon.  They are two tiered with a pate style base, with cuts in gravy as a topping.  This went down better than I’d expected with our pampered puss, and he did eat most of the food.

Brewster tries the Wellness range

The Wellness Healthy Indulgence Morsels range, offers 6 different flavours in 85g sachets: Chicken and Salmon in Savoury Gravy, Chicken and Chicken Liver in Savoury Gravy, Tuna in Savoury Gravy, Salmon and Tuna in Savoury Gravy, Turkey and Duck in Savoury Gravy and Chicken and Turkey in Savoury Gravy.

Chicken and Turkey in Savoury Gravy

I thought this was going to get the paws up from Brewster, but he licked the gravy off and left the meat.  You can’t win them all!

To find out more about the complete Wellness range of products, which includes dog food too, then pop over to Pets at Home.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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