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As regular readers of my blog will know we’ve been encouraging my 3 and half-year-old son to grow his own vegetables.  His seeds are sprouting and he makes a point of checking on their progress daily and has actually been good at watering things too.

We were thrilled to receive a wonderful gardening set and some flower seeds for our latest challenge.  This set is supplied by Little Pals and is very handy for our little gardener.  He especially loves his shiny new watering can.  We are not allowed near it!

Gardening Kit

So on 3rd June, when we looked through the seed packets we received – Sunflowers, Pansies and Mixed Flowers, we decided we should have a Sunflower growing competition between my son, myself and Daddy P (actually we had enough seeds that we decided to pass some to all of his NCT group so they can join in the competition too).  We used our labels to write our names on and marked our spots, divided the seeds between the three of us and planted them.  He then covered the soil over.  The competition was on!


I had a couple of plant containers that were empty so we decided we could use them to bring a bit of colour to our little patio area.  First up were the Pansy seeds, He sprinkled them on the compost and covered them over.  We stuck our label in so we could tell each pot apart as the seedlings grow.


We repeated the process for the Mixed flowers …..

Mixed Flowers

Then he was put in charge of watering the seeds.

Watering his seeds

Then the waiting began …… and this is our progress so far as of 14th June …..

Sunflowers Pansy Mixed Flowers 140613

From left to right:  Sunflowers, Pansy and Mixed Flowers ……

We’ve now reached 19th June, and have had to battle the slugs to protect our sunflowers.  Sadly I appear to only have one, while Daddy P and my sons are doing rather better!  The pansies are slowly appearing and the mixed flowers are doing rather well.

Flowers 190613

On the veggie front, he is doing well with his pumpkins, carrots, parsnips, tomatoes, strawberries, rocket and mixed salad as you can see below.  He also has one courgette coming up too…

How does Monkey's garden grow

My son has really loved getting involved with growing both flowers and vegetables this year, he hasn’t got bored and impatient waiting for something to happen, and has wanted to water HIS plants every day.  I’m so impressed with him – long may it continue.

Monkey and his pumpkins

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  1. Great post! I love the healthy competition you have ongoing with your little one its a cute Idea!

  2. He has been busy. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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