Cake decorating with I Just Love It

Cake decorating with I Just Love It

Mind out the way! Lady with cakes coming through! Not a phrase I thought I’d ever be saying on a packed London Underground train earlier last week. But boy it worked! No one wanted to be responsible for cakes flying across a crowded tube train. Phew, these babies were making it home relatively unscathed. So what am I wittering on about? Well I was lucky enough to be invited down to London for the day and have been cake decorating with I Just Love It.

Cake decorating with I Just Love It

The personalised gifting retailer, once known as Gone Digging, offers a range of high quality, customised gifts for all the family.  They thought it would be fun to invite a group of us down to Jenius near the Islington Studios for a cake decorating master class. My nieces will be reading this and will already be laughing out loud. Auntie Mary and cake decorating – not something you would normally put in the same sentence. But I’m always up for a challenge, and actually I would dearly love to be able to decorate cakes nicely.

Due to train times I missed the start of the session where the team showcased some of the lovely items available on their website.  There were some lovely ideas for children, especially with Christmas getting ever closer, but I also liked the kitchen themed ideas for us Mums!  I’ll be featuring something for all map and jigsaw lovers on the blog soon – watch this space.

I can bake cakes but it’s always the icing that lets me down. Well that, and the total lack of imagination and creative flair. I arrived just as the session was starting and Carolynne from Mummy Endeavours very kindly offered to share her mixing bowl. We creamed our butter and icing sugar together with a little milk. All was looking good. We decided on a raspberry flavouring with a hint of pink colouring (using gel colouring for the first time) and took it in turns with mixing. It all still looked ok.

Then I saw the piping bags. My nemesis! Oh well at least I could embarrass myself amongst friends. We’d all made different icings and would be sharing them out to decorate cupcakes and a cake.

Whilst Carolynne was busy making Father Christmas and Jacinta cleverly made a hashtag cake, I muddled along with snowflakes and a bit of prettiness. Something I’ve always wanted to do is make a spiders web cake for Halloween. So I covered the cake with royal icing, smoothed it off and then used a small piping bag filled with milk chocolate to make circles on the top. Using the edge of a knife I ran lines through the circles to form the web. It’s not perfect but I was really pleased with it and I’d try that again at home.

We all had such fun, and got to try something new, thank you I Just Love It and the team at Jenius, for a really different way to spend a few hours. I sadly had to dash off again to make sure I was back in time to pick Monkey up from school.

Then reality hit.  I had to get a large cake box across the London Underground network, on to Chiltern Railways and then walk home. Mind out the way! Lady with cakes coming through!

disclaimer:  we received a personalised goodie bag and travel costs in exchange for this honest review of the event.

2 thoughts on “Cake decorating with I Just Love It

  1. Sounds like a great day out, and your Halloween cake looks pretty good to me. I’m like you, Happy to make the sponge but I’m no cake decorator! It looks like they’re some lovely ideas for Xmas too.
    I was also giggling thinking about you squeezing thru the Tube station shouting you have cake! Lovely post

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