Can You Guess?

Can You Guess? – a game review

Life has been so hectic lately, not helped with illness that having some family time all together has been nearly impossible.  We’d been sent a new game by Orchard Toys a while back and I’ve been dying to try it out with Monkey and Daddy P.  I decided that it would be ideal for our recent weekend away – I would have a captive audience!  It was time to try out Can You Guess?

Can You Guess?

Can You Guess? is a game aged at players over the age of 4 years and can be played with by 3-4 players.  It’s the perfect game to try and increase Monkey’s confidence with acting out sounds and actions and building on recognition of images.

The game consists of 4 scorecards, a spinner, 24 star tokens, 18 sound cards  (megaphone on one side), 18 action cards (clapperboard on one side) and 10 performance cards (award on one side) along with instructions.

Each player picks a scorecard and the 3 different sets of playing cards are placed face down in 3 separate piles along with the stars.

Can You Guess?

Daddy P got to go first as he’d just celebrated his birthday, you spin the spinner and see where the arrow lands.  Action Card – the player turns the card over (don’t let anyone peak) to see what action they need to perform (no sounds allowed) to the other players.

Can You Guess?

Uum! What is Daddy doing Mummy?

Can You Guess?

Brushing his hair?

If the spinner lands on a Performance card you can act out the subject with sounds and actions.  Monkey needs a bit of help with this, but he was in fits of laughter when I acted out an elephant.

If the spinner lands on a Sound card you are not allowed to use actions, only sounds.  This was definately a nearly 5-year-old Monkey’s favourite category, although he would insist on telling us what the card showed before giving us the sound effect.  This game is work in progress for us, but we had lots of giggles.

Can You Guess?

If the spinners lands on the ? the player can choose which of the three categories to play.

When the player is acting/sounding out the playing card, the others try to guess the answer.  The first person to guess correctly collects a star token and places it on top of the star on their playing card. The player who performed places their playing card face up on their score card.

Play continues.

Can You Guess?

Once all players have collected six playing cards on their scorecards the game is over, Everyone counts their star cards and the player with the most stars is the winner. The game is tied if two or more players have the same number of stars.

Can You Guess?

Monkey was a bit unsure of this game to start with, and we did have to help him quite a bit.  For him, Can You Guess? us a totally new concept and hopefully as we continue to play it, his confidence will grow and he’ll really grasp the idea.  But he did have fun, and he enjoyed playing the game, he thought it was hysterical telling us the answers before he performed.

Priced at £11.75 I think Can You Guess?  would be a great game for Christmas, something for the younger children to really enjoy with family and friends.

disclaimer:  we were sent this game in exchange for an honest review

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