Cantankerous King Colin

Cantankerous King Colin – a book review

This latest book offering I have you left me trying to explain the title to a rather puzzled 4 year old Monkey!  Cantankerous King Colin is written by Phil Allcock and was published last month through Maverick Arts Publishing.

Cantankerous King ColinThis paperback book introduces us to King Colin and his family; they have to put up with his really bad attitude.  You would think that the King would set a good example wouldn’t you!?  But no, Cantankerous King Colin is not a very pleasant monarch.

He thinks that he can do whatever he likes because he is the King, whether that be eating disgusting concoctions for breakfast (even Monkey went yuck!!) or not washing his hands after using the toilet – tut, tut!

Cantankerous King Colin

We loved the illustrations by Steve Stone, there are lots of things to look at on each page as you follow the story along.

Cantankerous King Colin is being particularly unpleasant and it takes a very special person to put him in his place.  Buy the book to find out who that is and what happens!

We’ve enjoyed reading this book, it’s funny, and has a valuable message about behaviour!

disclaimer:  we were sent this book for the purpose of an honest review




3 thoughts on “Cantankerous King Colin – a book review

  1. This sounds like a book my little one would like, the illustrations looks really bright and colourful and I love the name, Cantankerous Colin! What a great title!

  2. He can do whatever he likes because he’s the king? Reminds me of celebrities and their ‘Don’t you know who I am?!’ I haven’t seen this book before, looks great, love the illustrations x

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