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Catch Phrase – review and giveaway

Monday night was curry night here with the girls, and after we’d eaten it was time for some serious competition.  The table was cleared and we put Catch Phrase from Drumond Park to the test. Catch Phrase

Following its triumphant return – in the capable hands of Stephen Mulhern and longstanding mascot, Mr Chips – to UK TV screens, ITV’s hugely popular All New CATCH PHRASE enjoyed peak viewing figures approaching 5 million a night and secured a legion of avid fans old and new.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve watched Catch Phrase on the TV over the years and wondered why the contestants couldn’t say what they saw!  Not quite so easy when you’re playing the game yourself. The all new Catch Phrase TV Board Game can be played with between 2-4 players, you could even play it in teams, aged 8 years and over.   The set consists of 96 double-sided regular Catch Phrase cards, 48 single sided Super Catch Phrase cards and a board, Mr Chips card holder and a Bonus Catch Phrase Picture Frame.

Each player takes turns at being the Host/Quiz Master.  The Host selects one of the regular Catch Phrase cards and looks at the answer (on the reverse of the card).  He places the card in the Mr Chips card holder, sets the timer and the first player tries to guess the Catch Phrase.  If the player guesses before the timer runs out they earn £100.  If they aren’t successful, the timer starts again and the remaining players shout in when they know the answer.

Catch Phrase Catch Phrase

Being a rather competitive bunch – we could have done with buzzers, klaxons and big flashing lights at this stage!  Whoever guesses correctly before the timer runs out wins the £100. If a player gets the Regular Catch Phrase right, they can try their luck with the Bonus Catch Phrase.  We soon discovered that this round is far from easy.

Catch Phrase The Host reveals one square on the Bonus Catch Phrase Frame and the player gets one guess at what the Bonus Catch Phrase could be.  The correct answer earns you £300.  Each window is numbered and these are removed in numeral order. Catch Phrase The Individual Regular Catch Phrase round continues until the Bonus Catch Phrase has been guessed or all the windows have been removed and no one has successfully thought of the Catch Phrase. Round 2 is the Rapid Fire Round – again with a group of rather competitive friends, we had a great time with this.  This round is played with 5 regular Catch Phrase cards, one placed on Mr Chips at a time. All players try to guess at the same time against the timer.  The first correct answer wins £200. Catch phrase When all 5 cards have been played, it’s time to get serious with the Super Catch Phrase Round.  The Host puts the 6 Super Catch Phrase cards upside down on the Super Catch Phrase board. It’s back to rapid fire as the players work their way through the rows – £300 for the bottom row, £400 for the middle row and £500 for the top row.  There is a red filter card supplied so that the host can read the hidden answer.  Although we decided that Mrs N has x-ray vision as she could actually read the answers anyway.  The rest of us needed the filter card, so she is the exception!

After all three rounds have been played, you switch host and start again.

The players keep their winnings, and these are tallied up once all players have been the Host.  The player with the most money wins. Let me just say that 3 of us believe that Mrs A had been swatting up for a few weeks – she was on fire!

We all really enjoyed playing Catch Phrase, it moves really quickly, everyone is involved throughout the game really.  It’s a winner.  Priced at £ 19.99 we can all thoroughly recommend it, for stockists please visit the Drumond Park website. disclaimer:  we were sent this product in exchange for an honest review.


We enjoyed Catch Phrase so much, that I’m really pleased to be able to offer one of you the chance to try the game for yourself.  Just complete the form below for your chance to win – good luck!


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The giveaway will close on 25th June 2014 at midnight.
Catch Phrase TV Board Game from Drumond Park

84 thoughts on “Catch Phrase – review and giveaway

  1. I love Catchphrase as it is funny and me and the kids can join in! The kids often beat me to it too so it gives them confidence and something to tell their friends! Great family entertainment!

  2. I do like Catchphrase – i scream at the TV when the contestants don’t get the answers – and kick myself when I don’t get one when playing along at home. I really like Stephen Mulhern too! 🙂 xx

  3. i love pointless its funny and me and the hubby get very competitive when we watch it

  4. The Generation Game was my favourite as a kid, but at the moment I’m loving all the modern takes on the oldies like Catch Phrase and Family Fortunes 🙂

  5. I love the new game – Ejector Seat 🙂 the kids think it so funny and my little ones face is a picture when the contestant goes flying back in the chair x

  6. It has to be Catchphrase as it is the only one that our five year old can join in with as well x

  7. I am a quiz show freak, but my favourite at the moment is catchphrase or pointless.we get very competitive in our house

  8. I think Catchphrase as it was always an enjoyable watch. Some of the others have irritating factors! I’ve not really watched TV for several years so I don’t know the newer ones.

    1. forgot to say we loved it as we could join in and see how much we would have won and how long we would have carried on!

  9. I like Catchphrase the whole family can shout at the tv what they think the answer is and if you are on your own talking to the tv doesn’t seem strange!

  10. I love deal or no deal. You can never predict what’s going to happen; the whole game can change, from doing well to doing badly, in a second. I think it’s been going for around 8 years now and i never get bored by it.

  11. I like Mastermind because it’s a classic and I love seeing the bonkers specialist subjects that people choose!

  12. I like catchphrase as it different, simple and easy-ish not when obscure phrases come up 🙁

  13. Tipping Point, as I always used to love those tipping point machine in arcades, so its novel seeing such a large one.

  14. University Challenge because it has lots of questions and some of them are so incomprehensible.

  15. Eggheads, I like to see how the different teams get on against the quiz show champions.

  16. The Chase. Some of the questions/answers are hilarious. There are loads of videos on Youtube if you search “The Chase funny”
    & random fact – Mr Labbett (the big guy chaser) was one of my old teachers 😀

  17. Im very into pointless at the moment and groan loadly everytime an all male team get through and pick the bloomin sport category!

  18. as I kid I used to love watching catchphrase and the generation game. still love catchphrase now and also pointless

  19. Only Connect….I have a good general knowledge but this quiz has a lot of lateral thinking in it and I get such a buzz if I manage to work out a couple of answers a show. 🙂

  20. Who wants to be a millionaire as I love seeing how many of the ‘difficult’ questions I can answer!

  21. Catchphrase (seriously) – I like Stephen Mulhern and it’s a fun show the whole family can enjoy.

  22. We enjoy catchphrase and also family fortunes, mainly because because my son loves the uh-uh noise when they get an answer wrong

  23. Pointless because I like to have a go at answering the questions and ger pretty excited when I get a pointless one 🙂

  24. A Question of Sport – love trying to work out who the mystery guests are and find the whole programme amusing with the banter between Sue Barker, Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell.

  25. I love Pointless because I enjoy the banter between Xander & Richard & I have a few good answers that are often low scorers & sometimes pointless 😀

  26. Loved ‘I Want to be a Millionare’ when it was on as I could answer some of the questions lol

  27. Tipping Point. So much than just a quiz show. You can answer every question but if the discs don’t drop right you are going home 🙂

  28. The Chase as it’s tough but there are some questions that everyone can answer and the chasers are very knowledgeable

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