Catching the Wind – AD sent for review and giveaway

Catching the Wind – AD sent for review and giveaway

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned for the purpose of a review and giveaway

Before I had my son I worked in Export Sales and over the years I had the opportunity to travel all over the place visiting clients, and occasionally getting the opportunity to see something of the country I was visiting.  One of the very first countries I went to with work was Norway, and although that first trip was far briefer than I would have liked, I got to see Oslo and the surrounding countryside, with deep rifts of snow everywhere.  It all looked rather magical and when I was asked to review Catching the Wind by Nils-Johan Jørgensen I wondered if I could share some of that magic with my son.

Catching the Wind

Catching the Wind is part of a series of children’s fables from the Norwegian author which have been published through The Book Guild, an independent mainstream and partnership publishing imprint of the Troubador publishing group.

This particular book contains three fables; Catching the Wind, Laura and A Living Tapestry. As with the previous books within the collection Catching the Wind is aimed at children in KS2 aged between 8-12 years of age, so perfect for my 10-year-old son.

In Catching the Wind we meet Thomas who is sailing his boat under the Northern Lights when he comes across a remote island with some strange burial mounds.  He falls asleep aboard his boat and his boat sails up in the lights and he’s transported to a different time when Vikings lived on the island he’d discovered.  Thomas meets three Viking children and although they speak old Norse, they can make themselves understood.

Catching the Wind

Thomas meets other villagers and learns about the ways of the Vikings before heading back to his boat, where he falls asleep.

In Laura, we meet the girl who was born well north of the Arctic Circle, on the lightest day of the year. She’s now at school and learning all about the stories of the Greek writer, Homer. She learns about the myths and legends of the Greeks, as well as learning about the various Gods themselves.  She is totally captivated by the stories in The Odyssey and reads a different story every day until she has finished the book. But that’s not the end of her story.

In A Living Tapestry, we meet Pani who is on a trip to see the Bayeux Tapestry in Normandy, France. She learns about the great battles and the characters who took part in this moment in history.

Each story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations which help to bring the various tales to life.  I’ve included my Amazon Affiliate link below for your reference (I do earn from qualifying purchases).

I’ve teamed up with The Book Guild to offer three lucky readers the chance to win a hardback copy of Catching the Wind worth £8.99.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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The giveaway will close on 27th February 2020 at midnight.

Catching the Wind worth £8.99

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A Mum with a 13 year old son, enjoying life and having fun as my son travels through school life. We love to get outdoors whenever possible and make the most of the world around us. We have a cat called Brewster who makes appearances and I’m a mad Ferrari Formula 1 fan, so that expect to hear about as each season unfolds. We love reviewing days out, toys, games and books and would love the opportunity to look at anything that fits in with our family lifestyle. We are always out and about and offering an insight on the places we visit, with a passion for nature thrown in for good measure. If you like what you read please leave me a comment, I love to hear from people, and always try to reply. Enjoy the read.

62 thoughts on “Catching the Wind – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. My favourite children’s story is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It is a simple and repetitive story which is also fun for little people to learn and repeat. Of course, the illustrations are superb, too.

  2. My favourite children’s book is A A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh, I can remember my Dad reading it to me many years ago and then I read it to my children and grandchildren. A timeless classic

  3. My favourite children’s book is A A Milne’s Winnie the Pooh, I can remember my Dad reading it to me many years ago and then I read it to my children and grandchildren. A timeless classic

  4. The Hobbit and because of Bilbo and the dragon classic story rented the book from the school library got ill and read it at home loved it, late taking it back.

  5. My favourite children’s picture book is Burglar Bill, it reminds me of my childhood, I found it so funny and loved going round saying “that’s nice, I’ll have that” just like in the book. I still have my copy and read it to my boys now

  6. my children read so much its difficult to find a favourite, however I shall go with the dinasaur who pooped series as they are always asking when a new book is coming

  7. I loved Back Home by Michelle Magorian as I loved seeing 1940s Britain through the eyes of a newly returned evacuee.

  8. Hello, my favourite children’s story is ‘You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum!’ by Andy Stanton. It is such a funny book with such unexpected, laugh out loud humour.

  9. My favourite childrens book when I was young was This Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, it was really descriptive and I could picture all the characters.

  10. i dont know if anyone remembers spot the dog but them books were my fav when i was littlw, just a little dog getting up to everyday things and he was cute too! x

  11. The Hobbit, I read it in school when I was young – I thought I’d hate it but turned out to be my favourite book. It was just so magical, full of adventure

  12. For me it is the chronicles of Narnia, I remember when things got hard I’d sit reading and the world of Narnia was my play to go.

  13. My favourite childrens story is Mr Pink Whistle by Enid Blyton. He was a little elf who turned invisible and teaches naughty boys a lesson

  14. Dogger always stuck with me… Literally as I still have my copy of the book! It’s a situation every child and every parent can relate to. I got a scruffy little dog Teddy to keep me company while I’ve fought sepsis and I’m fighting Post Sepsis Syndrome, and I instantly called him Dogger when I saw him

    1. I love Charlie and the chocolate factory. I have a major sweet tooth so a magical factory of sweets would be epic

  15. I love the twits by Roald Dahl. He had a way of captivating children’s minds and the book is so incredibly funny.

  16. My personal favourite is the Tale of Georgie Grub. At one point I could recite the whole thing from beginning to end. Sadly it’s out of print, but my brother found me a second-hand copy for my 30th birthday!

  17. When I was a child I had a book called Mr Blossom’s Shop by Barbara Euphan Todd. When you bought something from the shop, magical things happened. Snapdragon seeds really did grow dragons. I was totally enraptured by it.

  18. We like all of the Fireman Sam stories, firefighting runs in our family, grandad, uncle and auntie are all firefighters and my children love to see what kind of adventures they get up to whilst saving people / animals etc.

  19. Mr Wolfs Pancakes because the illustrations all refer to well known nursery rhymes. The story is great in itself but you can have so many discussions about the pictures. We never tire of it.

  20. I love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, my nephew nearly knows it off by heart, a fun and easy book to start with.

  21. I loved Cinderella, the early Ladybird books had colour illustrations of gorgeous ball gowns. I was so influenced by them I grew up to be a seamstress making beautiful gowns & wedding dresses.

  22. I have always loved Swiss Family Robinson – i can remember being so drawn into the world when i read it as a child – when i read it now some of it clashes with how we live now – woman were not go getters! – but i still love it!

  23. The lion the witch and the wardrobe. Always loved the idea of travelling to a strange and magical land, making hew friends and having adventures.

  24. My favourite book has always been The Hobbit since I was a child. I love the fantasy elements to it.

  25. I loved all the Enid Blyton books as a child, especially the Faraway Tree and Wishing Chair series. Fantastic characters and wonderful adventures.

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