Celebrating Easter with Cadbury and Peter Rabbit

Celebrating Easter with Cadbury and Peter Rabbit

The next few weeks are going to be full of celebrations here as we enjoy the Easter festivities and celebrate my 50th birthday.  We’re now on countdown to the the end of term when the fun can really begin.  To add to the excitement we will be combining two family favourites as we spend time celebrating Easter with Cadbury and Peter Rabbit this year.

Celebrating Easter with Cadbury's and Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit has always been a part of my son’s childhood, just as he was with my own, and we’re off to see the new Peter Rabbit movie soon.  To celebrate the release of this new film, Cadbury have launched a range of Peter Rabbit themed products including the adorable Cadbury Dairy Milk Peter Rabbit Easter Egg and toy pack – which includes either a Peter Rabbit or Flopsy Rabbit soft toy.  I know how well these sets are going to go down with our friends.

Celebrating Easter with Cadbury's and Peter Rabbit

Celebrating Easter with Cadbury and Peter Rabbit is also possible with these Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon packs as there’s a chance to win 1 of 5 family adventure holidays or Peter Rabbit prizes if you find a winning ticket inside one of the packs.

Celebrating Easter with Cadbury's and Peter Rabbit

We’ve not tried these before and I can see them going down well with all of us.  But I think I might make my chocoholics work for their Easter treats and use these particular eggs in a proper egg and spoon race in the garden.  The winner then gets to crack their egg open and scoop out the chocolate mousse or vanilla mousse with Oreo pieces, as an extra reward. The packs even include two little spoons. That’s if Peter Rabbit doesn’t get there first of course.

Celebrating Easter with Cadbury's and Peter Rabbit

Cadbury always features heavily in our Easter festivities and we all enjoy tucking into a chocolate egg or two at this time of year.  Whilst I leave the larger eggs to my son and his Dad, I’m a sucker for Mini Eggs and the smaller filled Easter Eggs selection.

Celebrating Easter with Cadbury's and Peter Rabbit

The Mini Eggs sharing packs contain 11 packs of Mini Eggs bags which are great for popping in my handbag for enjoying Easter on the go.  I’m also planning to have fun in the kitchen with my son over the Easter holidays and we’ll be using some of these Mini Eggs to make some Cadbury Mini Egg Meringue Nests.  Yum.

Celebrating Easter with Cadbury and Peter Rabbit wouldn’t be complete for us without a traditional Easter Egg Hunt.  We always have one of these at home in the garden (or indoors if the weather lets us down!) thanks to a visit from the Easter Bunny, who might be heavily disguised as Peter Rabbit this year.  The Cadbury Mini Eggs packs along with the Cadbury Mini Filled Easter Egg sharing bags are great for this and we’ve had a little trial run, just to brush up on our egg hunting skills.

Celebrating Easter with Cadbury and Peter Rabbit

We love the Cadbury Dairy Milk sharing eggs, but you can also try Cadbury Creme Eggs, Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim and Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo eggs.  There really is a wide choice for all the family to enjoy.  There’s even an Easter Egg Super Hunt pack available for £6.99 which includes hollow eggs, Cadbury Dairy Milk bunnies as well as Cadbury Mini Eggs.

It’s also worth noting that Cadbury are retelling the story of the Easter Bunny and you can download a free copy of The Tale of the Great Easter Bunny from their website.

Whilst we do enjoy our home egg hunts, we also like to visit one of our local National Trust properties over the Easter holidays and join in with their Cadbury Easter Egg hunts too.  You pay a nominal fee on top of the entrance fee and I can thoroughly recommend them.  The kids get to enjoy the outdoors, work on their problem solving skills and enjoy a Cadbury chocolate treat at the end of it all.  Result.

We will definitely be celebrating Easter with Cadbury and Peter Rabbit this year, will you?

disclosure:  #spon – this post is in sponsorship with Cadbury, but my opinions still remain my own.

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