Cat Crimes

Celebrating International Cat Day with Cat Crimes – AD sent for review and giveaway

It’s no big secret that we are a family of cat lovers here.  With seven-year-old Brewster and our four-month-old kitten Paddington, ThinkFun knew they’d found the purrfect family to spend time celebrating International Cat Day with Cat Crimes.

Cat Crimes

Cat Crimes is a logic game aimed at anyone aged eight years and over.  It’s predominately a single-player game but my son and I have also enjoyed working together to figure out which puss cat has been rather naughty.

The game comes with a game board, six cat character playing pieces, six crime tokens and forty challenges cards with four levels of difficulty.

Cat Crimes

Our feline friends come in all shapes and sizes, and having two tuxedo cats ourselves, we were hoping that Mr Mittens rather better behaved than his playmates!

Cat Crimes

Celebrating International Cat Day with Cat Crimes has seen us cat sitting our neighbours six cats, but they’re rather naughty and we soon have to find out exactly who has been misbehaving.  Select a challenge card, which range from beginner to expert.  Each comes with a challenge to complete and shows you which crime token you need to place on the board.

Then try to work out where to place the cats around the board using the clues provided to discover which cat is guilty of causing chaos.

The guilty cat should be the one you end up placing in front of the crime.

Cat crimes

When you think that you have placed the cats correctly and worked out who is guilty, turn the challenge card over and see if you’re correct.

The game is great fun and not as easy as it looks.  It helps players work on their critical reasoning skills as they deduce who sits where and who is to blame. I think that Cat Crimes makes a perfect travel game as it’s compact and would sit easily on an aeroplane fold-out tray.

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122 thoughts on “Celebrating International Cat Day with Cat Crimes – AD sent for review and giveaway

  1. I have six preloved furries in my house that were all named by their original owners. If I had a new cat to name, I would opt for flowers such as Dandelion or trees such as Beech just because I love nature.

  2. Budgie – we had a cat called this when we were little – nostalgia and happy memories

  3. Sorry the reason why i would call the cats the names i have chosen is Smarty being the female would be smarter than the average cat and Barty just rhymes with Smarty

  4. the name we would give it would all depend on what it looked like… my last cats i owned were called felix because he looked like the cat off the felix advert, snowy because he was pure white with only a grey line on his head and molly because she was already named when we got her. before that I had tiger 1 and tiger 2 (both grey stripey with white “socks” and trixy was a tortoise shell pattern

  5. we have had many many cats over the years, we always gave them unusual names, think the favourite name was Snorkel, he was a gorgeous black cat, we named him this after seeing it in one of our Daughters story books and just liked it.

  6. We have a cat who was already called Mika and we kept it because we quite liked it but I’d love a male cat called Timmy – don’t know why!

  7. We’ve very recently lost our pet cat Bellatrix. She’s named both after the star and the Harry Potter character. At the moment our grief is still a bit raw to consider what we might call another one.

  8. My daughter would get to name any cat we had, she would be likely to choose Bob. Don’t know why but every teddy, doll, picture is called Bob.

  9. I WOULD CALL MY CAT LUCKY because it would have a wonderful life in our family much loved ,papered and wanted

  10. We name all of ours names of flowers. My niece has decided the next one is to be called daisy! We have just decided to get another furry friend!

  11. Jinx, as I’d like a cat like the one from meet the parents, so what better name to call it!

  12. I have a cat called Mini. We called her this as she was smaller than all the other kittens in the litter.

  13. Hello! I’ve had a good think about this comment and I’ve decided that if I was to get a cat (and I do love them!) that their name would have to depend on what I think the cat would like and what would suit them. Sorry it is not quite answering your question but that is what I thought.

  14. we have (had) two cats, mine was called Calypso after a greek goddess, but sadly after 3 years of lighting up my life, she died on 2nd August at 1pm from some kind of poisoning from touching something outdoors that had been sprayed, or so the vet tells us. Any other cat we get in future I would call Gaia (Earth mother – the first goddess in greek mythology) x

  15. we are planning on getting a cat next year. And my daughter has already chosen it’s name – Cookie!

  16. We’ve discussed this a lot in it family, without ever getting a cat, but Timothy is my choice

  17. I wouldnt be able to have a cat as im highly allergic to them but if we did we would call him smelly cat from friends. Thanks for the chance

  18. We have had lots of cats over the years. Hubby insists that all their names have a Leeds United connection. I do get my own way occasionally – Nigella was originally going to be called Nigel!!!

  19. My cats have all had typical animal names – the last one was Daisy. For a future cat I like the idea of Mr or Mrs something. Maybe Mr Furball or Mrs Whiskers.

  20. It would depend on the colour of the cat really. Shadow or Midnight for a black cat, Snowy or Blossom for a white cat, and Ziggy for a stripy one.

  21. I would call it Lucky, because with having a parrot it would be very lucky that I take in another cat

  22. My gorgeous shorthair cat Smudge has given me over 13 years of love and affection. Her mum was my cat so i even saw her being born. LOVE cats, especially Smudge xxx

  23. I have 2 cats called Tigger and Tiger Lily I would carry on the Disney theme and call her Belle

  24. My cat is called Athena. She’s a 13 year old Maine Coon who I have had since a kitten. I named Athena after the Goddess of war, craft and wisdom. She lives up to her name when our dogs decide to argue and she wades in to sort them out!

  25. we actually have 4 cats 🙂 LadyCat, Mister Leopard Belly aka LeoCat, Morticia and Houdena (it was houdini until he turned out to be a she)

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