Celebrating with Thorntons Chocolates – a review

It’s no secret that I have some chocoholics in this house.  I don’t go for chocolate bars personally but I do like a nice chocolate selection box.  As regular readers will know, I’ve recently swum my first ever length in the swimming pool and I’ve been celebrating with Thorntons Chocolates.

Celebrating with Thorntons Chocolates

I’ve always loved Thorntons chocolates but I must admit that I see the boxes of Continental chocolates and I’ve purchased them before I’ve even taken stock of anything else available.  So it was time for a change!  Thorntons have some great ideas for ‘gifts for him’ and ‘gifts for her’ and I picked the Indulgent Gift Bag Collection which sells for £24.99.  Not only am I celebrating with Thorntons chocolates but I also get to keep a bag afterwards!

It’s a hard life blogging at times; obviously I needed to take my time with a thorough test of this lovely selection of chocolates!

Along with the keepsake bag you receive:

Decadently Dark Collection (191g),  Marc De Champagne Truffles (210g), Dreamy Desserts (192g), Milk Chocolate Block (90g), Orange Chocolate Block, Chocolate Truffle Bar (33g) x2 and a Nut Crunch Chocolate Bar (33g)

Being a big fan of Dark Chocolates I decided to start my research with the Decadently Dark collection – oops, was I meant to share them with Daddy P?? From the Double Chocolate to Passionfruit Caramel these were just a delight.  A perfect treat for me.

The biggest delight has been the Marc De Champagne Truffles – to die for!  I have been trying to save them for a meet up with my NCT Mum’s this week.  We’re getting together on Friday to celebrate our children starting school.  I think the box will be empty by then – oops!  Not doing very well at this sharing business am I!

In fairness I’m not a citrus fan so I did give Daddy P the Orange Chocolate Block (It was very nice apparently) and a Chocolate Truffle bar – they were very good too.

The Dreamy Desserts are just wonderful – would be great for a dinner party too.  Tiny little puddings in a chocolate – what a delight!  Tiramisu is my favourite pudding and now I can eat it as a chocolate – yummy!  The Raspberry Cheesecake was devine as well.

All in all I’ve been having a great time indulging myself and celebrating with Thorntons chocolates.  You know you are getting a quality product, the taste is sublime and I’ll worry about the waistline when I get back in the swimming pool on Friday.

Now, watch this space – tomorrow I’m going to have a giveaway so you can win an Indulgent Gift Bag for someone special yourself 🙂

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review.


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