Christmas stocking fillers for the home

Now I don’t know about you but I have spent the last few weeks wrapping presents for birthdays and Christmas.  There is nothing worse than losing the end of the sticky tape when you are conducting a marathon wrapping session!  Trust me.  Then add the endless lists that I need to make these days, as I have NO memory any more.  Throw in the endless battery supply that Monkey demands for his toys, games and gadgets.  I need some help.  So with this in mind I’ve been looking at Christmas stocking fillers for the home.

Firstly to come to my rescue with Christmas stocking fillers for the home are 3M.  They heard that I had a bit of thing for shoes and sent me this.

Christmas stocking fillers for the home Christmas stocking fillers for the home

3M have a range of novelty shoe tape dispensers, and I know a number of friends who would love to have one of these at home or in the office.  Would make a great Secret Santa too.  Present wrapping will never be dull or problematic in this house again.

Next to hear my plea with Christmas stocking fillers for the home were the lovely people at 3M Post-It.  I’ve had a love affair with 3M Post-It notes for years.  They have come to my aid many a time both at work and home, and now I feel their need more than ever.

Christmas Stocking fillers for the homeGone are the days of only having 3M Post-It Notes in yellow squares and rectangles.  Now they come in all shapes, sizes and colours as you can see.  I’m sure that any of these packs would make a great stocking filler this Christmas!

Christmas Stocking fillers for the home

3M Post-It also do some novelty dispensers including this fab little handbag – wouldn’t that go well with my shoe tape dispenser!

Christmas stocking fillers for the home surely must contain batteries, well at least if you’ve got kids!  I made the mistake once of giving one of my nieces a Christmas present that needed a larger than normal battery that I didn’t provide.  I had a frosty plea from my SIL to make sure I include batteries with any further presents to avoid Christmas Day meltdowns.

That was some years ago, but the memory remains!  Now, as a parent, I seem to spend half my life replacing batteries.  Mainly in toys that Monkey has forgotten to turn off! Well Duracell have come to my rescue!

Christmas stocking fillers for the home

These new Duracell Ultra Power batteries last even longer than normal batteries (up to 12 times longer than other leading zinc batteries).  Now that is music to my ears and also to Monkey’s keyboard!  I’ve bought cheap batteries in the past, its false economy in my experience when dealing with children’s toys and games.  They don’t last and you get through loads of them.  With these Ultra Power batteries tests have shown:

that in motor toys, for every one hour of playtime with zinc batteries, Duracell Ultra Power delivers four and a half hours.

So that’s Christmas stocking fillers for the home sorted for me this year – one happy Mummy!

disclaimer: we were sent the items mentioned for the purpose of review, our comments however, remain our own honest opinions.


11 thoughts on “Christmas stocking fillers for the home

  1. Ha ha I’d love some of those cute post-its in my stocking, but if someone gave me batteries I’d cry! Still, they DO come in handy…:-) love the stiletto – we need one of those in our house!

    1. I try to always buy batteries and wrap them up with presents to make sure noone has a meltdown on Christmas morning. I got through a pack of 8 this afternoon on one toy!! The stiletto is good though and fun. I’m saving some of the shaped Post-It’s for Craft activities with Monkey

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