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Clarks Honey – a review

Monkey is fascinated with bees, I think Guru Gramp’s love of insects has definitely been passed through the genes.  When we’ve been talking about bees and watching them in our neighbour’s Lavender bushes in the summer, we’ve talked of nectar and honey.  Monkey has seen a bee hive on a trip to a farm last year, now it was time to introduce him to honey, thanks to Clarks Honey.

Clarks HoneyThis lovely clear honey is produced by good old British Bees and is blended with blossom and acacia honey, which stops it crystallising and keeps it clear – all very clever.  It tastes rather good too!  It’s sad to think that 80% of the honey we eat in this country is imported

Clarks Honey set me a challenge to find different uses for their honey.  I’m not a brilliant chef, I’m not  food blogger by any means.  I’m just a very normal Mum, who likes trying new things.

We’ve been trying out Clarks Honey in a few different ways, firstly with Ryvita Fruit Crunch crispbreads, sliced bananas and then drizzled with honey. A rather nice way to start the day.  Daddy P has already placed an order for Honey Baked Bananas for the weekend.

Clarks Honey Clarks Honey

Any reader of the blog, and especially of me on Instagram, will know that I’m rather keen on cakes, I bake cakes rather a lot.  So I got my baking books out and found a recipe for Honey and Spice Muffins – that sounded rather good, off to work I set.

Clarks Honey Clarks Honey  Clarks HoneyThe verdict from my panel of taste testers – oh wow, these are good!  I’m taking part in a wholegrain challenge for the next couple of weeks and I’ll be using Clarks Honey again in my One Pot Chicken and Oaty Sweet Potato Roast later in the week.  Clear honey is really versatile, it’s not just for coating veggies.

Clarks Honey is available from Asda stores priced at £2.00, and we’ll certainly be keeping it on our shopping list.

disclaimer:  we were sent this honey for the purpose of review, our comments remain our own honest opinions


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  1. I tried the Clarks Maple syrup last year. Very sweet and so many varieties. Made lots of delicious cakes too

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