Coffee moments with Dolce Gusto

Coffee moments with Dolce Gusto #DolceGustoBlogger

People who know me will probably be a little surprised to hear me getting excited about a coffee machine.  Whenever I’m at home or friends I always ask for tea.  However if I’m out – it’s always coffee for me.  I’m a Cappuccino girl, so instant coffee doesn’t normally cut it for me.  I can’t drink enough filter coffee to make ground worth while, and I’ve not found a machine that makes Cappuccino I like.  Add to this a husband who likes a Latte from time to time – you see the issue.  Well all that has changed!  We are now having coffee moments with Dolce Gusto.

Coffee moments with Dolce Gusto

A coffee machine that would provide Daddy P and I with our coffee fix, the way we like it!

Coffee moments with Dolce Gusto

The sample box of pods that came with our Dolce Gusto Mini Me machine were great for giving us our first coffee moments with Dolce Gusto.

The instruction leaflet that comes with the machine is really easy to follow and once you have run a first run of water through the machine (which takes seconds) you are ready to enjoy coffee moments with Dolce Gusto.  Place your cup on the drip grid (there are a couple of different heights depending on the type of coffee you are having and cup you may need. You then select the pod flavour you require, (make a mental note of the volume bar on the front the pod) pop it into the holder, press the locking handle down (this activates the machine to pierce the pod), set the volume bar to match the level on the pod, turn the machine to release hot water and before you know it your coffee is ready.

Now with both Daddy P’s Latte Macchiato and my Cappuccino you use two pods.  I didn’t realise this first time round – doh!  There is a milk pod and a coffee pod, they have different colour bases.  If you look on the lid when you buy a box, it all becomes very clear!

There is no mess with this machine at all.  We love our coffee moments with Dolce Gusto and have been checking out our local supermarket to replenish our stock.  Each box of our preferred coffee pods cost £3.77 which gives us each 8 cups of coffee.  Obviously if you are a purist and love your Espresso then you get 16 cups for this price  – not bad in my opinion.  What does it taste like?  It’s good!  We are both happy coffee at home drinkers once more! The Dolce Gusto Mini Me retails for around £99.00.

You can keep up to date with all the Dolce Gusto news on their Facebook page too.

disclaimer:  we were sent this product in exchange for an honest review


2 thoughts on “Coffee moments with Dolce Gusto #DolceGustoBlogger

  1. I do love coffee, proper coffee is yum! I had a coffee machine for awhile but I ended up giving it away because I hardly ever used it. Instant is just quicker here especially when I’m making a tea for my husband at the same time. My mum has a nespresso machine and it makes a lovely coffee.

  2. Lucky you to get that! We already had a coffee machine. I think once u get a machine, u never go back to those normal coffee.

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