Colour Match

Colour Match – a puzzle review

Colour Match

We have some concerns that Monkey might have a colour blindness issue.  Daddy P isn’t colour blind, I’m not either.  I’ve been advised by my doctor that in that case I could be a carrier and it would come from my mother and back through the maternal line.  As we aren’t aware of any relatives who had the issue, I’m hoping that I will be proved wrong. One day Monkey will call green, green and not red!  When we were asked by Orchard Toys to look at their new first colour puzzle Colour Match, I thought it would be a good test!

Colour Match

Colour Match is aimed at children aged 3 years and over and contains 12 different colour jigsaws, each with 5 matching elements.  The puzzle pieces have colour specific objects on one side with the matching colour backing. Each of the colour puzzles can be assembled in a different order to continue the play potential.

Colour Match

As with all Orchard Toys puzzles, Colour Match is made of thick card, with bright and engaging graphics.  This set is obviously aimed at improving colour recognition as well as hand eye coordination and matching skills.  The jigsaw shapes are different for each colour, so you can only match them correctly – great for strengthening problem solving skills.

I wanted to see if Monkey would mix the Red and Green puzzle pieces up and try to group them incorrectly.  Strangely, even though he called each of the Red pieces Green, he put all of the Green pieces together separately from the Red pieces.  So although he is telling me that they are all Red he didn’t mix all the pieces up when constructing the jigsaws.  This puzzled me (excuse the pun).

Later over lunch, I had the Colour Match box on the kitchen table, and Monkey sat there happily telling me that the apples, caterpillar and leaf were all Red.

So apart from our ongoing is he/isn’t he colour blind issue, what did we think to Colour Match?

Well, Monkey is nearly 4 and half, and he loves puzzles.  He found the Colour Match puzzles easy to put together and liked the fact that he could place each colour group in a different order.  He is slowly recognising letters now, so we have been working on that using the letters of each colour.

We’re working on a story challenge at the moment and so we’ve used these puzzles to give us some ideas.  The Yellow Lion likes to eat his bananas in the shade of a lovely sunflower as a colour match story.  Or the Black Cat liked to drink the White Milk after being chased by the Brown Dog.  You get the idea, we’ve had lots of fun with that aspect of the puzzle this week.

For a first colour puzzle set, I think Colour Match is lovely. It has further play potential as I’ve described above.  At £7.50 this puzzle is priced in line with other similar products within the Orchard Toys ranges and would be a great addition for any young family.

disclaimer:  we were sent this item in exchange for an honest review



6 thoughts on “Colour Match – a puzzle review

  1. This looks great. I hope someone can give you an answer to the colour blindness issue soon x

  2. this is fun, gonna let my boy try this too… hopefully he’ll understand this is a puzzle game… and enjoy

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