Colouring in Christmas with Egg Nogg

Colouring in Christmas with Eggnogg


Colouring in Christmas with Egg NoggWith Christmas fast approaching it’s about time we started working on some more festive arts and crafts projects here.  We are going to be working with Eggnogg over the coming months and they sent us a lovely parcel of goodies recently.  We will be colouring in Christmas with Eggnogg this year, with a little help from our friends.

Colouring in Christmas with Egg Nogg

Eggnogg design and sell lots of wonderful colour in items from table cloths to Christmas cards, aimed at children from 5 upwards.  We received Colour In Christmas Bunting Angels, Colour In and Make 3D Christmas Tree, Colour In Christmas present tags, and a pack of Colour In Christmas and Thank You Cards.

Colouring in Christmas with Egg Nogg

Monkey turns 5 in a couple of weeks, and I knew he’d enjoy colouring in the tags and Christmas cards.  I had an idea we could use them for a few special presents. So after school the other day he set to work.  I was really impressed with his drawing, he’s been a scribbler for so long, with no definition.  But colouring in Christmas with Eggnogg I can see a real improvement and he loved making cards and tags for his friends and teacher.  As he has a December birthday he wants to use the thank you cards for that.

I love the fact that you can write the name of the artist and his/her age on the back of the cards before sending them off – they are postcard style.  The tags, Christmas and Thank You cards come in various matching designs.  They are made of good quality thick card and the designs are lovely.  Monkey especially liked the Robins and we see them in the garden all the time.

Having looked at the Colour In and Make 3D Christmas Tree I thought that would be more suited to a slightly older child.  I instantly knew who I should ask to help us.  Redpeffer’s daughter is a very artistic 8 year old and this project would be perfect for her.  I knew she could showcase it better than Monkey just now.

So when we met up at the weekend I set her a couple of challenges to help with colouring in Christmas with Eggnogg. I also asked Iona to give me her opinion on the making up process.  Over to you Iona!

If you enjoy colouring, or know some little people who do, this is an ideal way to get creative for Christmas. There is a lot to colour! It’s all quite detailed too, even the larger tree.  It’s quite a sight when you unpack it from it’s deceptively small packet. It comes folded like a map, and that is exactly what it reminded me of-a Christmas tree map. My daughter and I had a lovely time colouring in together-it was very therapeutic and something I’d like to do more of now she’s a little older.

colouring in Christmas with Egg Nogg

Once we had completed the Christmas tree, it was then over to the instructions for creating it as a 3D model. On the instruction it says, ‘you will need an adult’. In our case, it took two adults over an hour to work out how to put it together! And we’re still not totally convinced we did it right either.

However, the end result does look impressive and my daughter was really pleased with how it looked.

colouring in Christmas with Egg Nogg

I would say based on our experiences, that this kind of Christmas craft kit is definitely more suited to older children as there is a lot of detail to colour in and much patience is required. It took my daughter and I around an hour and a half to do the tree alone.

And then you have to add into the equation the folding. I have no skill in these kind of things whatsoever and couldn’t visualise how to put it together at all. My husband eventually figured it out. We found it tricky as well because you’re having to make new folds across some of the original folding for the packaging.

Fortunately, I’m not a perfectionist-ours looks a little ragged around the edges, but that’s a fairly good summation of much of our craft! And it doesn’t stop us liking it and doesn’t mask the enjoyment we had in completing it either.

The Angel Bunting looks really effective too.

Colouring In Christmas with Egg Nogg

Thank you Mary for giving us the chance to have some fun with this!

I think they did a great job with it, don’t you? Monkey has certainly loved colouring in Christmas with Eggnogg and I hope the recipients of his artwork will be impressed with his endeavours.

For more information on the full range from Eggnogg, and for a list of suppliers, then please just pop over to their website.

disclaimer:  we were sent these items in exchange for an honest review


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  1. Some lovely ideas. My two both love colouring so I know they would love these! The Christmas tree looks great!

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