Confident? board game

Confident? board game – AD sent for review and giveaway

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I’ve got a cracking game to share with you today, that is perfect for a family get together, whether that be in a bubble or via a zoom call or the like.  The Confident? board game is aimed at played aged eleven years and over and can be played with two to six players.  It can also be played in teams of us to thirty people.

Confident? board game

The Confident? board game comes with one wipe dry scorecard, six dry wipe answer boards and pens, one scribble board, two hundred double-sided question/answer fun facts cards and an instruction leaflet.

Confident? board game

The aim of Confident? is to be the first player to reach fifteen points by answering questions within a range of numbers.  This is a great game for the whole family to play because so much of it can be based on guesswork really.  My just turned eleven-year-old thought he would need to know the exact answer to the questions, but when he realised it was all about trying to figure out a range between which the answer might fit, he fell in love with the whole concept.

Confident? board game

Everyone playing writes their answers to the question at the same time, we played the game with my son always asking the questions.

Confident? board game

I’ll get that boy reading anyway I can! You put what you think might be the bottom and top numbers of the range, and then write down how big your range is (the difference between the two).  If you’re really confident you will go for a much tighter range, giving you the chance to steal the most points.

Confident? board game

Once everyone has written their ranges down, all players show their boards and the fact card is flipped to reveal the answer. If the answer lies within the ranges guessed then three points is awarded to the player with the smallest and correct range, if other players also guess correctly but with a larger range then they receive one point. But beware, if everyone guesses within the correct range, the player with the largest range will score nothing.  This stops people writing down all-encompassing ranges! The first player to reach fifteen points wins the game.

We’ve found the Confident? board game really easy to pick up and it’s been a great after school game to have fun with. It’s also the kind of game where my son has just as much chance of winning as I do, so it removes any conflict.  You could easily play with extended family or friends via Zoom or other video calling services and it would be a great idea as a travel game too. There are also two expansion packs to buy for extra gameplay options.

I’m pleased to be able to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a copy of Confident? board game as well as both expansion packs worth a total of £42.97.  Complete the Gleam form below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

Confident? board game

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Confident? board game bundle worth £42.97

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