Cooking made easy with Donald Russell

Cooking made easy with Donald Russell

Last month, just as we were preparing for our holiday we received a rather amazing delivery.  We were about to experience cooking made easy with Donald Russell, when we received a home delivery freezer hamper including a lamb joint and a number of vegetable dishes.

Cooking made easy with Donald Russell

Donald Russell is a Royal Warrant holder, supplier of meats, seafood, poultry and vegetable dishes, supplied direct to the home, and freezer ready.

We received a great variety of vegetable dishes, along with a few different Rosti options and the most wonderful leg of lamb joint – perfect for an Easter Sunday feast.

Everything arrives frozen so I put our delights in the freezer all ready for us to try after our holidays.  The good news was I knew I had oodles of choice for when we got home without needing to make a dash to the supermarket.

I’ve found cooking made easy with Donald Russell, the labels are clear and the instructions are easy to follow.  I cooked all of the Rosti and Vegetable dishes from frozen and defrosted the lamb joint (but then realised I could have cooked that from frozen too!).

Could we get Monkey to eat Rosti?  In general my 5 year old son is very good with vegetables, but he doesn’t like potato, he’s not even that fussed with chips.

Cooking made easy with Donald Russell

This was a challenge, would he accept it?  Well …… he did, and he ate them all up.

This was a challenge, would he accept it?

So we’ve now found a form of potato that Monkey will eat happily – thank you Donald Russell.  There are various Rosti options available ranging from £2.50-£5.00.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been trying a number of the vegetable side dishes, our favourites have definitely been the Leaf Spinach in Bechamel Sauce and Creamy Savoy Cabbage.  Yum!

We weren’t so keen on the Buttery Mashed Potato, for us it seemed a bit lacking in flavour, but everything else tasted really flavoursome.  All items are supplied free of artificial flavouring, colours and preservatives.

Serving wise – for us they came up quite small to divide between 3, but we do like our veg here!  When I checked the website I noticed that you would receive 2 packs per ordered item for £7.00 which made the sizing make more sense for a family.

Now I do have to say that our Easter Sunday Roast will be remembered for some time to come.  The Slow Cooked Roast Lamb joint was amazing.  It’s not a joint I cook very often, but the Donald Russell joint really did melt in the mouth.

The Slow Cooked Roast came with step by step instructions, I just added a bit of rosemary, and waited for it to cook.  All 3 of us were so impressed with the results.  Empty plates all round.

We received the Medium Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb, weighing 2.1kgs, with a guide serving for 8-10 people.  I used this lamb to feed the three of us for a roast dinner, lamb biriyani and a Moroccan lamb dinner and there was still some left over.  Priced at £22.69/per kilo this joint isn’t the cheapest, but it’s certainly the best quality lamb joint we’ve had.

If you are looking for good quality produce delivered to your doorstep, already frozen then Donald Russell could well be for you.  The deliveries come in a purpose freezer hamper for your convenience, so if you arrange for it to be left with a neighbour, the food will be fine to pop into the freezer when you get home later in the day.

disclaimer:  we were sent the items mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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  1. I do like convenience now and again. It would be very handy to go to the freezer and not worry that you’re pulling out processed foods.

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