Crafting activities with Baker Ross

Crafting activities with Baker Ross

We received a delivery before the summer holidays began, which along with giving us some crafting time recently also helped solve a problem with presents for school.  We been busy with crafting activities with Baker Ross.

Crafting activities with Baker Ross

We always make our own cards when Monkey moves leaves a school or pre-school setting, and leaving Reception has been no different.  I’m not a big believer in presents too, but when we saw the Colour in Fabric Butterflies in our Baker Ross package, we both agreed they would be perfect.

He used the Giotto Turbo Colour pens to colour in the butterflies, I thought he might liked to have added stickers or gems too, but no Mummy, I’m happy as they are!

Hand drums are always fun to make and use for a bit of musical entertainment, and the set from Baker Ross were really easy for Monkey to be able to put together.  Again, my son isn’t one for overdoing the decoration! Monkey has seen photos of me with a hand drum in Thailand from many years ago, so he was interested to make and play his own version.

Having recently visited the National Space Centre and being a big fan of rocket ships, I knew the Solar System kit would go down well.  The kit comes with polystyrene planets, a foam ring for Saturn and wooden sticks to put the solar system together.  Now, my 5 year old Monkey wasn’t too keen on making his planets look particularly authentic, or on getting his solar system looking like ours.  But he did have fun, we discussed the sizes of each of the planets and he surprised me by knowing a lot of their names.

The Jointed Person kits gave us some fun, each person comes in pieces, which are assembled with fasteners.  Monkey isn’t known for his eagerness to draw, but I loved watching him colour his little man in, and then make him dance.  He really loved this activity, and we’re going to make a little theatre out of an old box, so his dancers can go on the stage!  He decided to use a couple of the Bug Foam Stickers we’d be sent to make his man a Spider t-shirt and a Caterpillar hat.

I’m always talking to Monkey about travelling the world and we often get his atlas or globe out and talk about the places I’ve visited and where we’d like to go together in the future.  I’ve been to Gambia a few times in the past and really want to go on a Safari in East Africa one day.  The African Colour In Masks gave us a great talking point and he’s seen some real masks in one of the museums in Oxford.  Now to create his own.  Well that’s not completely true, he asked me to help him with the colouring.  I was given strict instructions – which colours I could use and which areas were ‘mine’.  It was actually really nice to colour in together, not something we normally do.

For the Colour In Cone Puppet Kit I loved Monkey’s idea and he just ran with it.  We’d been to see The Gruffalo Live down in London and as soon as I showed Monkey this particular kit he was off.  Mummy I’m making the Gruffalo and the Deep Dark Wood.  He added some Foam Bug stickers and that was that.

We had great time with our crafting activities with Baker Ross and I’ve loved watching Monkey’s imagination take over.

disclaimer:  we were sent the sets featured in exchange for an honest review


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