Creating a My Monster t-shirt – review

Creating a My Monster t-shirt – review

Sometimes something pops into my inbox that’s just a little bit different and instantly catches my attention.  My 8 year old son is always creating things with Lego and bricks or designing new stations or schools (yes really) in his notebook.  I just knew he’d like the idea of creating a My Monster t-shirt with My Monster and their design your own kits.

Creating a My Monster t-shirt

With the My Monster kits you get a pack of 47 stickers, a t-shirt (sizing from 2A ) or sweatshirt, large sheet of baking parchment and full instructions.  My son opted for a t-shirt in grey (white and black are also available) and we went for an 8A size.

Creating a My Monster t-shirt

I would definitely advise to order the t-shirts in a larger size, I looked at the measurements for the 8A online but in hindsight the 10A would have been a better option for my son really.  I’m just hoping he doesn’t grow too much before the summer comes, so he can really enjoy his new creation.

The instructions are fairly easy to read and follow, although they don’t mention whether you should have the steam function on your iron on or off.  The stickers did seem to adhere more easily with the steam function on in my experience.

Basically you need to iron the t-shirt before creating a My Monster t-shirt design so the fabric is nice and flat.  Then it was time for my son to great creative and decide which stickers he wanted to use for his monster and where he’d put them. Included in the sticker collection are 3 body stickers, 6 pairs of legs and arms, 4 mouths, 8 eyes, 19 accessories such as a moon, sun and clouds and 1 test sticker for testing.

Creating a My Monster t-shirt

All of the stickers are encased in a special plastic film, and my son was soon trying different combinations to get his design just right.

He had great fun creating a My Monster t-shirt with the stickers, and changed his design a couple of times before making his final decision.

Creating a My Monster t-shirt

The great thing about this kit, is that you can either buy additional t-shirts from the My Monster site or utilise clothing you may already have at home to make other monster tops with the remaining stickers in the set.

Once he was clear on his design it was over to me to actually iron on the stickers and make his creation a reality.  No pressure there then.

The stickers have a two-part film and you need to pull that apart, leaving the sticker on the adhesive side, which has a slight pattern to it.  I found this process quite tricky and long nails are a definite bonus!

Creating a My Monster t-shirt

But once I’d managed to separate the film, I placed the sticker, still stuck to the adhesive side of the film, down onto the t-shirt where my son wanted it placed.  I would recommend fixing the body sticker first and then working your way around the design.

When your sticker is in place, put the parchment paper over the top and press the iron down firmly and hold it in place for 25-30 seconds. Do not move the iron from side to side or it will ruin the sticker.  When the time is up, gently peel the film away from the sticker, which should now be fixed to the fabric.  I did find with stickers such as the crown that the points needed to be ironed for a few seconds longer.

I worked my way around my son’s design, one piece at a time and he directed the process, making one more design change along the way.

Creating a My Monster t-shirt was easy, fun and my son was soon able to wear his unique creation.

Creating a My Monster t-shirt

We’ve since washed this t-shirt on a 30 degrees wash and have ironed over the top of the stickers and they have remained in one piece.  The instructions do say that they may wrinkle in the wash, but should iron flat again without an issue.

My son has loved this whole process and will be creating another monster top soon.  He’d now like to see sticker sets in different themes as well as the monster.

For more information on this set and other options please visit the My Monster website.  The My Monster team have asked me to point out that a GBP purchasing option will shortly be available as well as USD.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review

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My Monster set with one t-shirt worth over £27.00

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96 thoughts on “Creating a My Monster t-shirt – review

  1. I’d like to see some background stickers to build a scene or maybe some words in speech bubbles

  2. Perhaps some space themed decorations and a U.F.O would be good, I think glow in the dark or glitter stickers would be a big hit too!

  3. My nephew is obsessed with cars and would love a car sticker set to customize a shirt with.

  4. Unicorn or rainbow type accessories because my daughter is obsessed with those at the mo!

  5. maybe some hobby accessories so the monster can play tennis or football – to match what your own child does

  6. I have two answers, one from my youngest who has said she would like to create her own animals and my middle daughter who is absolutely unicorn mad has told me she would like to have unicorn stickers. Either way their both my little monsters lol.

  7. I think sci-fi themed stickers would be a good addition, such as planets, asteroids and space craft.

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