Daniel O'Dowd was ever so loud

Daniel O’Dowd was ever so loud

Having read a book by Julie Fulton before I thought we’d be on to a winner with her latest publication – Daniel O’Dowd was ever so loud.

Daniel O'Dowd was ever so loud

Daniel O’Dowd was ever so loud is the latest release in the ‘ever so’ series of pictures books written by Fulton and illustrated by Elina Ellis.  All are published through Maverick Arts Publishing.

As you might have guessed by the title Daniel O’Dowd was ever so loud and it does cause a few issues.  The zoo animals were pleased to see the last of him, and his teacher Miss Pool suggests that if he stopped shouting he might learn something.

Could there ever be an advantage to being so loud?  When the class visit Professor McWhizzit Daniel spots a huge meteor heading for earth through a telescope!   Could Daniel save the day?

Daniel O'Dowd was ever so loud

He does!  But then he gets into trouble, can he ever get back to earth?  He remembers what his teacher said about listening.  Maybe that could help.

This is a fun tale and it’s kept Monkey captivated, priced at £6.99 it would be a lovely addition to any bookcase. My Amazon Affiliate link is shown below for your information.

disclaimer:  we were sent this book in exchange for an honest review

4 thoughts on “Daniel O’Dowd was ever so loud

  1. The Daniel O’Dowd books really looks like a lot of fun.

    My children are all grown up now but I am preparing for the onslaught of grand-children. My children loved books, I still have them all because they wouldn’t let me throw any away!
    I have been ‘advised’ that I’ll be needed to step in to look after the grand-children while the their parents return to work. I’m looking forward to it – but I’m a lot older now so I expect to be worn out!!!

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