Dear Earthling_ Cosmic Correspondent

Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent – sent for review and giveaway

We recently received a new chapter book for my son to enjoy called Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent.  It’s written by Pen Avery and is aimed at children in KS2, so perfect for my nine-year old son.  The 183 page book was published through Common Deer Press in December 2018

Dear Earthling_ Cosmic Correspondent

We meet ten-year old Dethbert Jones, who lives on a planet called Crank with his pet precious, who is a chickensnail.  Dethbert and his best friend Andi Social, a robot, join the Space Cadets and Dethbert starts writing letters to a pen pal on Earth.  He’s never been to Earth, so he has all sorts of questions to ask.

Dear Earthling_ Cosmic Correspondent

Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent is told through Dethbert’s letters, and the reader is left to imagine what the Earthling boy’s replies might have been to his correspondence.  But we learn more about Dethbert’s experiences, his relationship with his younger sister and how to fly a space shuttle.

We would read a chapter together and then try to work out what our reply would be to Dethbert if he was our pen pal.  I do think the book might have flowed a little better if there had been two correspondents, but I guess it made my son use his imagination to come with his own replies.

The humour in the book is definitely aimed at boys of a certain age I think, my son giggled in all the right places, he certainly enjoyed all the adventures.  Although I’m not sure either of us would want to come face to face with a fourteen legged spider!

It’s a fun book and one my son has enjoyed.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases and I’ve included the link to this book below for your reference.

disclosure:  we were sent the item mentioned in exchange for an honest review.

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64 thoughts on “Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent – sent for review and giveaway

  1. I would choose Iceland because I would like to hear more about it and hopefully cvisit one day.

  2. Italy, as I have found Italians to be friendly and cheery / happy individuals. Also they seem chatty and sociable. I believe they are known to value family members:- All generations. They seem to enjoy food, having meals socially. Have delicious food and drinks, ice cream being one of the delicious treats. I have visited Italy once, many years ago :- We really enjoyed the holiday, as great weather, lovely beach, friendly people, delicious food, etc.

    Would be nice to read all about Italian pen pal’s adventures, culture, etc. Also maybe visit and learn more about the Italian way of life, etc.

  3. My son would choose Australia as he would write to his cousin who lives there! He loved playing with him when they visited, and he misses his best friend!

  4. I started penpalling as a child and I still do it today. I have a Polish, French and Australian friend I’ve written to for getting on for 20 years! Nothing beats getting an actual physical letter.

  5. China…I’ve always loved anything to do with China,Food,Clothes,Statues all their myths & legends I think in a former life i must of been Chinese lol.

  6. France – as I’d love to go there some day and it isn’t that hard to get to so we could visit each other occasionally too.

  7. I’d like to write to someone in botswana or another african country it would be great to learn about their lives

  8. Germany – I used to learn German at school and I enjoyed it, but have forgotten most of it now. I would try and write some of the letter in German to help me learn it again!

  9. It would have to be Spain as I am currently learning Spanish (I’m trying to learn a few new things each year) and this is the first language I have tried to learn so would be great to practice my new found skill!

  10. France – I visited there a lot whilst growing up and it’s the only other language I know words and phrases from

  11. I have wrote to many people all over the world but I’ve yet to write to anyone from New Zealand so it would be nice to hear more about that country.

  12. I would choose someone in Canada to hear about their winters and seeing moose out on the streets.

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